How to Install Wuffy Player on FireStick

Last Updated on January 8, 2021

In this tutorial, we will guide you through the detailed and simple process to Install Wuffy Player on FireStick.

Amazon’s Fire TV devices support thousands of streaming apps and utilities. Most of them are available in the Amazon Appstore as well. However, it only offers a handful of decent media player for the Fire TV platform.

Since it’s possible to sideload third-party apps on Firestick, many free video streaming apps are now available to the users. But, a vast majority of these apps use the same open-source player, which lacks even the most basic playback features.

Fortunately, users can choose an external media player to play live and on-demand content from supported apps, which is why it’s necessary to use a decent media player for an uninterrupted streaming experience and taking advantage of dedicated playback controls.

If you are looking for a way to install the famous Wuffy Player on your Firestick, then this guide is all you need to follow. We have even listed various features of the Wuffy Player in detail, which you can check out below.

What is Wuffy Player?

Wuffy Player is a versatile media player for Android devices. It not only can playback all types of media formats but also supports current streaming protocols.

Popular media and audio extensions, including MKV, MOV, MP4, WMV, Ogg, DivX, AAC, MPG, MP3, and many more are supported on Wuffy Player.

It can also handle H.264, H.265, HEVC, and VP9 codec with ease. It is compatible with a handful of streaming protocols, such as HTTP, RTMP, and RTSP. In case you are wondering,

Wuffy Player can also playback M3U8 streams, which is the current standard for IPTV channel streams.

Wuffy Player uses the FFmpeg base code, which is also used by VideoLAN’s VLC Media Player. You can switch between hardware and software video acceleration modes.

The internal HW decoder does support multi-core decoding, which provides overall smoother video playback. You can also change audio and subtitle tracks from the media player.

Advanced users can play with the video buffer settings, as well as set a bandwidth limitation for HLS streams. It’s also possible to individually force software encoders for local files and live streams.

Wuffy Player does let users load M3U and M3U8 playlists from local files and remote links. You can use it to playback IPTV streams. However, it lacks a dedicated EPG (Electronic Program Guide) and other important functionalities.

Wuffy Player does offer a basic set of subtitle customization options. You can pick up your preferred subtitle color from the color picker, change the font, and adjust the font size to your preference.

Features of Wuffy Player

  • Wuffy Player supports almost all types of audio and video formats, plus streaming protocols and lossless media codecs.
  • You can playback local media files, live and on-demand IPTV streams, or use Wuffy Player as an external media player for third-party video streaming apps on Firestick.
  • Wuffy Player lets you adjust the video buffer and force software encoders to enhance media playback performance.
  • You can set a bandwidth usage limit for HTTP live streams to save data.
  • Wuffy Player has a convenient user interface, and you can navigate through the interface using your Firestick remote.

How to Install Wuffy Player on Firestick?

While Wuffy Player works only on Android smartphones and tablets, you can sideload the APK file on Firestick as well. The following step-by-step instructions will show you the easiest way to install Wuffy Player on Firestick:

Step 1: Enable Apps from Unknown Sources

Amazon restricts app sideloading by default on their Fire TV devices. However, you can easily bypass the restriction by enabling a developer setting. Note that it won’t void your device’s warranty by any means. Also, Wuffy Player is a safe app to install.

  • Highlight the navigation bar on top of the Fire TV home screen, then move right to select the Settings
  • In the Settings screen, scroll to the end of the list and click Device or My Fire TV. It might also show up as Device & Software on the latest Fire OS version.

My Fire TV

  • Select Developer options on the next screen.

Developer options

  • Now click the Apps from Unknown Sources You will be warned regarding the dangers of using apps from unknown sources. Click Turn On to confirm the change.

Sideloading is now enabled on Firestick. You can now continue following the second set of instructions below.

Step 2: Download the Downloader App from Amazon Appstore

We will use the Downloader app on Firestick to get the Wuffy Player APK on firestick. It is officially available in the Amazon Appstore for Fire TV devices. Here’s how to get it:

  • Highlight the navigation bar once again from the Fire TV home screen, then select the Search icon (hand-lens) at the left.
  • Use the on-screen keys to type “Downloader” in the search menu. You can also use the voice search option to find Downloader.

Downloader App

  • After that, choose Downloader from the autofill results in the search menu.
  • From the Apps & Games row on the next page, highlight and click the Downloader app logo.
  • Now click Get on the Amazon Appstore download page. It should finish up the installation in a minute or so.

Step 3: Use Downloader to Install Wuffy Player on Firestick

Once you have Downloader installed on Firestick, you can go through the detailed instructions below to the sideload Wuffy Player on your device.

  • Click Open in the Appstore page to launch Downloader.
  • Next, click Allow to give the Downloader app required permissions.
  • Click OK to close Downloader’s quick start guide.
  • From the Home tab, select the URL bar and enter

Install Wuffy Player apk on firestick

  • Now click Go and wait for the Wuffy Player APK file to finish downloading.
  • An installation window will auto-launch once the download finishes. Click Install to confirm the installation of the Wuffy Player on Firestick.

install Wuffy Player on firestick

  • After successful installation, click Done to close the installation window and return to Downloader. You can opt to delete the APK file since it won’t be of any use to you after the installation.

Wuffy Player app for firestick

To launch Wuffy Player on Firestick, go to Your Apps & Channels row on the Fire TV home screen and click See All. You will definitely find Wuffy Player at the end of the list of installed apps.

Last Updated on January 8, 2021

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How to Use Wuffy Player on Firestick?

The user interface of the Wuffy Player is quite easy to understand. There are a couple of tabs below the top menu bar, which are— Favorites, Files, Video, Settings, and About.

How to Use Wuffy Player on Firestick

On the Favorites tab, you can access the videos marked as favorites. To do that, you can click the heart-shaped icon in the playback control bar while playing the video you want to add to the list of favorites.

In the Files tab, you will get access to a full-fledged file browser, from where you can find and play video and audio files. If you have an external drive connected to your Firestick via an adapter, then it will show up in the browser as well.

From Video, you get a complete list of video files on your Firestick’s internal storage or any other external drive connected to it.

You will find plenty of user customization options, plus advanced video playback controls in Settings. It also includes subtitle settings.

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Wrapping Up

You can install Wuffy Player on Firestick by following this guide. It is an excellent media player that suits the need of most users, and you can set it up as an external player for live and on-demand content playback from other streaming apps.

If you encounter any issues with Wuffy Player, then please describe it in the comments. We will come back to you with a possible fix.

You can install Wuffy Player on other Fire TV devices, including the 3rd-gen Fire TV, 1st/2nd-gen Fire TV Cube, and smart TVs/soundbars with Fire TV built-in.