How to Install Watched App on FireStick

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

In this step by step tutorial, you will learn how to install Watched App on FireStick. The app will work on every Fire TV device running Fire OS 5 or above, including the Fire TV, Fire TV Cube, Fire TV Edition smart TVs, and Fire TV Edition soundbars.

If you are looking to watch live TV channels or premium movies/shows for free, then there are several third-party options. However, only a few of them work reliably and delivers live and on-demand streams of decent quality.

There are legitimate ad-supported options available as well, but their content library is built upon older titles only.

In recent months, we have covered a few different apps that offer free IPTV channels and movies, TV shows, documentaries, and sports replays on-demand on Firestick and other Fire TV devices. Today, it’s time for another entry into this genre of streaming apps, and it’s called Watched.

You probably have heard of Stremio before. In case you didn’t know, it’s an add-on based media player that lets you add third-party content sources directly from the app.

It’s quite similar to Kodi but more intuitive to use among inexperienced users. Watched also offers the same functionality, but with a few key differences.

To know more about the Watched app and learn how to install and use watched on Firestick, be sure to check this guide out. We have described everything in detail.

What does Watched App offer on Firestick?

By installing the Watched app on Firestick, you can enjoy an unlimited library of movies, TV shows, documentaries, and additional on-demand content for free. You can also stream your local television channels, although it depends on the content provider you choose to use.

Speaking of content providers, the Watched app doesn’t have them integrated by default, unlike third-party apps like CinemaHD, Theater Plus, or TeaTV.

As mentioned previously, it’s similar to Stremio and Kodi in some aspects. The Watched app gives users the option to add resolvers manually. Without the resolvers, it’s just a media player with zero offline playback options.

One of the benefits of not providing default content resolvers is its official availability on the Play Store and other Android app storefronts. Unlike third-party streaming apps, the Watched app works reliably and receives regular updates from the developer.

Since it’s not technically offering any pirated content, it dodges the copyright issues that have plagued several third-party streaming apps in the last few weeks. However, it still is in a gray area in terms of legitimacy.

Features of Watched App on Firestick

  • You can manually add your preferred content resolvers to watch live TV channels and on-demand content without paying for subscriptions on Firestick.
  • The Watched app has an Android TV interface that also scales great on Fire TV devices. It works natively with the Alexa Voice Remote.
  • Depending on the resolver, you can stream your favorite movies and shows in up to 4K (2160p) quality.
  • You get the option to choose the server for the on-demand stream you want to watch in the Watched app.
  • It’s free to download, with zero in-app advertisements or subscription plans.

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How to Install Watched App on Firestick?

Watched is officially available on the Google Play Store for Android devices, but it hasn’t made its way to the Amazon Appstore yet. Given that it’s also compatible with iOS, macOS, Windows, and Linux, there’s no reason not to have it officially on Amazon’s Fire TV platform.

Fortunately, Fire OS is a heavily forked version of Android, giving Firestick users the option to sideload the Watched APK file. The following instructions should be easy enough for you to follow, as we have divided the whole sideloading process into three parts.

Step #1: Bypass Firestick’s App Security Restrictions

Similar to every other Android device, Amazon has added a developer setting for new developers to try out their unsigned Android app on the Fire TV platform.

However, anyone can access it easily and turn off the app security checks on Firestick. You need to do it as well for sideloading the Watched APK file, and the steps below will show you how:

  • First, move to the navigation panel above the Fire TV Home interface and highlight the Settings.
  • Now find and click the Device & Software option on the Settings page. Select My Fire TV or Device if your Firestick is running an older Fire OS version.

My Fire TV

  • After that, go to the Developer options menu from the following page, then select and click Apps from Unknown Sources.

Apps from Unknown Sources

  • When warned about the security risks associated with unknown app installations, click Turn On to change the developer setting anyways.

Watched is available on the Play Store. Hence, it can be considered as a safe app to install. If you are concerned about your device’s security, you can turn off the developer option anytime.

Step #2: Download the Downloader App

Downloader is the only app in the entire Appstore catalog that offers the file download functionality. In order to download the latest APK file of the Watched app, you have to use Downloader on Firestick.

  • The magnifier icon on the top-left corner of the Fire TV Home interface indicates the Search option. Navigate up to select it.
  • Once you are on the Search page, use the on-screen keyboard to search for “Downloader.” You can choose to use the Voice Search option on your Alexa Voice Remote as well.
  • Select Downloader from the following results on the Search page.


  • Next, move to the Apps & Channels row and click the Downloader tile once again.

Downloader on firestick

  • On the next Appstore page, click Get / Download to start downloading the Downloader app. It should begin installing automatically after the download finishes.

  • Finally, click Open to launch the Downloader app on your Firestick.

Make sure to Allow Downloader to access your Firestick’s storage. Else, it won’t be able to download and save the APK file.

Step #3: Sideload the Watched APK on Firestick

Once you go through Downloader’s quick start guide, follow the steps below to sideload the Watched APK file on your Fire TV device.

  • Select and click the search bar on Downloader’s Home page, then input the following link:

watched apk on firestick

  • Click Go on the on-screen keyboard overlay. The Watched APK file should start downloading immediately.
  • After the download completes, the APK installer will open up on its own. Proceed with the Install.

install watched app on fire tv stick

  • Click Done when you finally get the “App Installed” message on the installer screen.
  • When you return to the Downloader app, click Delete to remove the Watched APK file, as you have already installed it.

To open the Watched app on your Firestick, go to the Fire TV Home interface, and scroll down to Your Apps & Channels row.

If you don’t see the app, it’s probably buried under other apps you previously installed on your Firestick. Click See All to open the full list of apps, then go down to the bottom to launch the Watched app.

To move the Watched app to the top of your apps list, press the Menu button on the remote while highlighting it, then click Move. You can now move it anywhere in the list and press the OK button to save its position.

How to Set up Watched Apk on Fire TV Stick?

To get access to free live TV channels and on-demand content in the Watched app, you will have to add a content resolver first. Here’s how to set up the Watched on Firestick:

  • First, open the Watched app on your Firestick device. It might take a few seconds to update the first time you launch it.
  • Now go to the Manager page from the app’s sidebar and click the Enter URL.
  • Type in “” (without the quotes) in the empty field and click Next. It will begin loading the resolver from the URL.

Set up Watched on firestick

That’s it! You will automatically get redirected to the Dashboard, where you should see live TV channels, series, and movies. You can now start streaming your favorite live channels and on-demand content for free.

A Quick Tour of the Watched App’s UI on Firestick

The Watched app on Firestick has a simple, clutter-free user interface that looks drastically better than popular third-party streaming apps. The left sidebar gives you access to the different sections of the app, which are Search, Dashboard, Live TV, Manager, Settings, etc.

Tour of the Watched App’s UI

The Dashboard is the page you see every time you launch the Watched app. You can browse through trending TV channels, popular series, trending movies, and a few other categories.

Clicking the + card at the end of the scrollable categories expands the selection list, with options to filter movies and series by popularity, genre, year, and language.

If you find something worth watching, click it, select the season or episode (for series only), then choose the stream source from the following list. Make sure to select the source closest to your country for the best possible streaming experience.

You can also click the star icon above to add the series or movie to your favorites list. However, you will need to enable Developer mode from the Settings page of the Watched app to access your favorites.

settings of watched apk

The Live TV page gives you access to all the IPTV channels offered by the add-on or resolver. You can sort the channels by name or country. Selecting a channel will start the stream immediately.

If you are watching an on-demand stream and want to enable subtitles, click the gear icon in the player overlay and select the Subtitles option. From the same menu, you can change the subtitle language, adjust the time shift, and choose your preferred font size.

From the Manager page, you can add more add-ons and content providers to the Watched app. To check for app updates, go to the Settings and click the Check for updates option.

Finishing up

That’s where we end this guide to install and use the Watched app on Firestick. We hope you have found the step-by-step instructions helpful and managed to sideload the Watched APK file on your Fire TV device without errors.

If you haven’t tried the app yet, we advise you to follow this guide and use Watched at least once to stream your favorite channels, movies, and TV shows.

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