How to Watch US Election Live on FireStick

Last Updated on October 20, 2020

In this article, we will talk about how to watch US Election Live on FireStick. The same guide will also work on Firestick 4k and all other amazon fire TV devices.

It’s time again for America to take the difficult decision of electing the 46th president of the country. The 2020 United States presidential election is the 59th quadrennial election, with current Republican President Donald Trump and former Democrat vice president Joe Biden being two major candidates for the presidency.

In August, Biden announced Kamala Harris as his running mate, making her the third female nominee for the vice presidency. Mike Pence is the present incumbent, once again being the running mate for Trump.

Like the general presidential and vice-presidential debates, every major news channel covers the U.S. election, including Fox News Channel, MSNBC, and CNN. The “Big Three” news channels are your one-stop destination for the United States presidential election coverage.

Many of you use an Amazon Firestick (or other Fire TV device) instead of your cable box to stream online content, which is why you may also want to watch the U.S. election live on Firestick. This guide will tell you about all the apps and services that offer live and on-demand U.S. presidential election coverage.

Watch US Election Live on Firestick with TVE Apps

US Election Live on FireStick

TVE or TV Everywhere services are quite useful for those who still pay for a cable or satellite TV subscription. Almost every American television network has its TV Everywhere app, and they are accessible on several platforms.

If you want to U.S. presidential election live on your Firestick device, consider logging in with your television provider to one of the following TVE services:


The CNNgo app for Fire TV offers live access to the linear television feed of CNN, CNN International, and HLN. Users can also watch short clips of developing stories on-demand from the app.

On CNNgo, you get non-stop live coverage of the U.S. election, with detailed analysis, predictions, polls, and more. You can also search for election-related news and video clips as well.

Fox News

Fox News also has its TV Everywhere app on the Amazon Appstore with the same name. You can tune in live to Fox News’ in-depth coverage of the American elections once you link your provider account. However, you can also stream free highlights without a provider login.

Apart from that, the Fox News app lets you browse through the day’s biggest news in entertainment, politics, science, health, world, etc.


Given that MSNBC is one of the “Big Three” news networks in the United States, expect an extensive live coverage of the 2020 presidential and vice-presidential election. The MSNBC app provides the live stream of the 24/7 MSNBC TV channel, as well as partial news coverage from NBC News and TODAY.

You can stream the breaking news stories centered around the elections, in-depth predictions and analysis, full-length interviews of influential political figures, and more. WIthout provider login, you can only playback limited news video clips in the MSNBC app.

ABC News Live

Major American television network ABC also has its dedicated TV Everywhere news channel for Fire TV devices. With ABC News Live, you can check out the latest election highlights and breaking news, plus all of ABC’s morning, afternoon, and primetime special news programs.

ABC News Live provides complete coverage of the 2020 election, starting from the Democratic and Republican convention to presidential debates to election night to the inauguration day and so forth.

While ABC News Live offers live and on-demand news coverage, users won’t necessarily need to log in with their cable or satellite subscription.

CBS Full Episodes and Live TV

If you have a CBS All Access subscription, you can log in to the official CBS app on Firestick and stream the 24/7 CBSN channel to catch up with the latest election news.

You can also sign in with your cable or satellite TV provider instead. CBS’s list of participating providers is considerably larger than other television networks.

PBS Video

Similar to ABC News Live, PBS Video doesn’t need a provider login. You can tune it to your live PBS station for free and stay updated with the latest presidential election news on PBS NewsHour.

On the PBS Video app, you can also stream curated collections of daily news clips on-demand. Plus, PBS Passport subscribers can access PBS’s entire library of shows, films, and documentaries.

Watch Live US Election on Firestick with YouTube

YouTube is your one-stop portal to an ocean of ad-supported videos from independent creators. Popular entertainment and news channels also exist on the platform, meaning that you can possibly stream the US election day and related news live and on-demand on YouTube.

You can get the YouTube app on Firestick from the Amazon Appstore. After that, all you have to do is sign in with your Google account and subscribe to one of the following news channels on the streaming service:

  • ABC News
  • CBS News
  • CNN
  • Fox News
  • MSNBC News / NBC News
  • BBC News
  • Newsmax TV
  • RT America
  • C-SPAN
  • Washington Post
  • Wall Street Journal

Those who use the YouTube app on Android or iOS devices can subscribe to the channels as well. Assuming that you log in with the same account, you can access the news channels from the YouTube Fire TV app’s Subscriptions page and watch live and on-demand presidential election news.

Watch US Election on Firestick with Facebook Watch

Considering the broader scope of engagements with viewers, news outlets like ABC News Live, CBS News, Fox News, CNN Politics, MSNBC, PBS NewsHour, and many more choose to stream live news and post short news clips on Facebook.

In case you didn’t know, Facebook is officially available on Amazon’s Fire TV platform. However, it’s a stripped-down version that only offers live streams and video clips from Facebook pages that you choose to follow.

The app was previously called ‘Facebook Watch, now rebranded to just ‘Facebook’ for unknown reasons. After you download the app from the Amazon Appstore and launch it, you will be given an 8-digit activation code.

Once logged into the app by following the on-screen steps, you will be able to search for the news channels and access the live U.S. news coverage on Firestick.

Watch US Election Live on Firestick with OTT Live TV Services

If you have made your choice to cut the cord, buying a monthly subscription from an over-the-top live TV subscription is an excellent choice for continuous access to linear news channel streams.

For the best possible U.S. presidential election coverage, we advise you to grab a live TV plan from one of the following OTT services:

AT&T TV NOW: Watch U.S Election Online

AT&T TV NOW includes plenty of American news channels with its PLUS and MAX package, such as Cheddar, CNBC, CNN, Fox News, HLN, MSNBC, etc. The only differences between those packages are the lineup of entertainment and sports channels and premium network add-ons.

With both of the plans, you also get access to a catch-up library and record up to 500 hours of live programming. They even include three simultaneous streams.

FuboTV: Stream Presidential Election

With fuboTV’s base fubo Standard and Family plan, you get to stream 110+ entertainment, sports, kids, and news channels. During election days, you can tune in to ABC News Live, CBSN, Cheddar, Fox News, MSNBC, Telemundo, NBC News Now, Newsy, Newsmax TV, BBC News, and more.

Depending on which monthly plan you choose to pay for, you can record somewhere between 250 to 1000 hours of linear television programs. Furthermore, you can watch fuboTV on five devices at once on your home Wi-Fi connection.

Watch US Election Live on Hulu

Hulu makes it relatively simple for users to watch live channels by offering only a single live TV plan, which is also quite affordable. The Hulu + Live TV subscription provides ABC News Live, CBSN, Cheddar, CNBC, CNN, CNN International, Fox News, HLN, MSNBC, Telemundo, and more. Hence, you can expect complete coverage of the U.S. 2020 election.

Similar to the previous services, Hulu + Live TV also offers the cloud DVR functionality, but it’s limited to only 50 hours by default. Also, you can stream Hulu’s channels on only two devices simultaneously.

Watch 2020 U.S Election without Cable on Sling TV

If you are on a limited budget this month, consider switching to Sling TV instead. Its Sling Blue is not only affordable but also good for entertainment and news coverage. Its list of news channels includes CNN, Cheddar, Fox News, HLN, Local Now, MSNBC, Newsy, etc.

For more news channels and broader presidential election coverage, you can add the News Extra add-on to your base Sling plan.

With Sling Blue, ten hours of DVR time and three device streams are also included.

Stream Presidential Election on YouTube TV

You can tune in to individual live coverages of the U.S. election via YouTube TV, thanks to its addition of ABC News Live, BBC America, BBC World News, Cheddar, CNBC, CNN, FOX Business, FOX News, HLN, Local Now, MSNBC, NBC News Now, Newsy, and TYT Network channels.

It’s also the only live TV service in this list that provides the PBS channel.

You can also stream catch-ups of news segments on-demand on YouTube TV. Apart from that, the monthly subscription covers unlimited DVR storage and three concurrent streams.

To Conclude

In this guide, we have listed almost every popular app and service that you can use to watch the US election live on Firestick. You can also get them on all variants of Firestick, Fire TV (Box / Pendant), Fire TV Cube, Fire TV Edition TVs, and soundbars.

With the same apps and services, you will be able to stream the 2021 presidential inauguration day as well. However, it’s yet to be seen whether Trump wins the second term, or Biden becomes the 46th president of the United States.