How to Watch Disney’s Mulan on FireStick

Last Updated on August 20, 2021

Today we will talk about How to Watch Disney+ digital release Mulan on Firestick and other Fire TV devices, including the Fire TV (Gen 3) and Fire TV Cube (Gen 1/Gen 2).

This year hasn’t been the best so far for sports and entertainment in general. Major sports events were not only postponed but also canceled entirely due to the troublesome effects of public gathering.

Filmings of several movies, TV shows, and web series were paused for months. Furthermore, theatrical releases of high-budget films were also delayed to a later date, only to get released on streaming platforms.

Although theatrical releases are proven to make more revenue, film production companies have no choice but to release their creations on streaming platforms for everyone to watch at home at such times.

Disney also recently announced that its live-action adaptation of Mulan would make its way directly to Disney’s flagship streaming service, Disney+, on 4th September.

However, Disney+ subscribers will have to pay an additional $29.99 to watch the movie on top of the existing $6.99 monthly subscription fee, similar to a pay-per-view model. Once purchased, the film will be available to watch as long as the regular Disney+ subscription is continued.

The additional fee is branded as “Premier Access,” and it can be purchased through all supported platforms, except Amazon Fire TV devices.

To learn how you can watch Disney’s Mulan on Firestick, please read on through this guide. We have included step-by-step instructions for inexperienced users.

Can I watch Disney’s Mulan on Firestick?

Yes, you will get to watch Disney’s Mulan on Firestick, if only you purchase the Premier Access from somewhere else. The main reason behind Disney+ not giving Fire TV users the option to buy the add-on is that Amazon wants a substantial amount of revenue for in-app purchases on the Fire TV version of Disney+ app.

Given that Mulan cost Disney $200 million to produce, they will likely need the most out of the Premier Access to make a marginal profit.

Disney has officially confirmed that Fire TV owners will be able to buy the $29.99 (in the United States) Premier Access for Mulan through or other compatible platforms, including Android, iOS, and Roku. After that, they can log in with the same account to the Disney+ app on Fire TV and stream the movie.

Note that the pricing of the Disney+ Premier Access is subject to your region. Below is a list of a few countries with the international pricing of the add-on subscription:

  • Canada: $34.99 (CAD)
  • United Kingdom: £19.99
  • Italy, Spain, & other European countries): €21.99 (approx.)
  • Australia: $34.99 (AUD)
  • New Zealand: $39.99 (NZ)
  • India: Unconfirmed (Disney+ Hotstar)

In France, Mulan’s digital release will be available to watch for all Disney+ subscribers at no extra cost. However, the release date won’t be the same as in other countries.

How to watch Disney’s Mulan on Firestick

The following steps will guide you through the Disney+ sign-up and activation process on Firestick. Once you do everything as shown below, you will be able to watch Disney’s Mulan on Firestick at the release date.

1. Sign up for a Disney+ Subscription

As previously mentioned, you will have to pay for the Disney+ subscription before purchasing the “Premier Access” pass. If you already have a Disney+ subscription ready to go, then skip to the next step.

  • First, go to from a web browser on your mobile or computer.
  • Click the Sign up for Disney+ only link on the webpage.

mulan on firestick

  • Enter your email address on the next page and click Agree & Continue.
  • Now create a password for your Disney+ account and click Continue.
  • After that, select your preferred Disney+ plan (Monthly or Annual), choose your payment method, and enter your billing information if required.
  • You can choose to link your payment info to your Disney+ account for auto-billing, then click Agree & Subscribe below the form.

Once you complete paying for the Disney+ subscription, you should receive an invoice and confirmation mail in your inbox.

2. Buy the Premier Access Pass

Now that you have a Disney+ subscription, go to and log in to your account. From the following page, you will be able to select and pay for the Premier Access subscription at the local price.

You can check out the list of regional pricing above to learn more. It’s worth mentioning that former Disney+ subscribers will be required to pay for the monthly or annual plan before purchasing the Premier Access pass for Mulan.

3. Install Disney+ on Firestick

Once you get the “Premier Access” pass on Disney+, you can proceed to install the Disney+ app on Firestick if you haven’t already. Disney+ is officially available in the Amazon Appstore, and you can get it on your Fire TV device by following the steps below.

  • Go to the top-left corner of the Fire TV home screen to highlight the magnifying glass It should bring up the Search menu.
  • Search for the Disney+ app in the following menu by using the Voice Search option or typing “Disney Plus” manually using the on-screen keyboard.
  • Now select Disney Plus from the list of keywords in the same Search menu.

search for Disney+

  • On the next results page, highlight and click the Disney+ app below the Apps & Games.
  • Click Get on the Disney+ Amazon Appstore page and wait until it gets downloaded and installed on your Firestick.

Install Disney+ on Firestick

Once installed, you can launch the Disney+ app by clicking Open. The next time you want to launch the app, go to Your Apps & Channels section of the Fire TV home screen.

If you have more than twenty apps installed on your Firestick, then the chances are that the Disney+ app won’t show up in Your Apps & Channels section.

Instead, you will have to click See All, then scroll down the list of installed apps to find and launch the Disney+ app. You can move it to the top row of the app list and access it directly from the Fire TV home screen.

4. Log in to Disney+ on Firestick

Logging in to the Disney+ app on Firestick is straightforward. Simply launch the app and click the login option, enter your Disney+ account credentials, and then click Log In once again.

Log in to Disney+ on Firestick

Upon successful login, you will get access to the streaming library of Disney+, and watch the digital release of Mulan on 4th September.

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Wrapping Up

This guide covers everything you need to watch Disney’s Mulan on Firestick. With the regular variant of Firestick, you will be able to watch Mulan in 1080p Full HD.

However, if you have a Firestick 4K connected to your Ultra HD TV, you can stream the movie in 4K (2160p) quality. On HDR-compatible displays, Mulan will be available in HDR as well. To stream in 4K, you will need a minimum 25mbps internet connection.