How to Watch Movies on FireStick & Fire TV

Last Updated on August 18, 2021

In this article, we will talk about how to watch movies on firestick. The apps highlighted in this guide work on firestick 4k, fire tv, fire tv cube, and all other amazon fire tv devices.

Who doesn’t like to watch movies? Considering how popular title releases affect the general audience nowadays, it’s needless to say that movies make up for a significant dominance in the entertainment industry. For a fact, films are now breaking multi-billion dollars of revenue milestones!

If asked, you probably would also admit that one of your reasons to buy a Firestick or a Fire TV is to watch movies online. However, there are so many streaming services and subscriptions to sign up for, which might get a bit convoluted to newcomers and inexperienced users.

To clear out your confusion, we have prepared this guide to help you watch movies on Firestick. It contains apps and services that we deem the best streaming platforms to start with your movie marathons.

Use VPN to Stream Movies on Fire TV Stick

Last Updated on August 18, 2021

⚠️Important Note for FireStick Users

Do you know that your internet service provider can snoop on your web activities and sell your personal data to third-party advertisers and government agencies? 

A VPN saves you from all these active threats and ExpressVPN is the most popular VPN service for Firestick. We strongly suggest you to Use ExpressVPN before you start streaming on your devices. It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

When connected to an ExpressVPN server, your network stays encrypted and secure, so that your privacy on the web is protected throughout your streaming sessions. It also replaces your real IP address with a temporary one, which lets you bypass geo-restrictions on particular streaming services and websites as well.

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Best Third-Party Streaming Apps to Watch Movies on Firestick

If you are willing to dive into the gray area of content streaming, check out the following list of third-party streaming apps below to watch free movies on Firestick.

However, note that we have included these apps in this guide solely for informative purposes. While it’s not considered illegal to stream unlicensed content from publicly accessible sources, we would still recommend you to proceed with discretion.


Watched app

Watched is a new media streaming app that doesn’t have a built-in provider. It’s upon the user to decide which provider to go for. The app is modular and supports add-ons, similar to how Stremio and Kodi works.

Based on the provider you choose to add, you can stream the latest movies in 4K quality without a subscription. As the app is optimized for Android TV, the user interface scales properly on all Fire TV devices, including Firestick.

You can add multiple providers from the Watched app’s dedicated provider manager. It’s also possible to enable closed captions on supported streams.

Read our Guide to Install Watched App on Firestick


Watch Movies on FireStick with syncler

Syncler is a forked version of TVZion, which is now defunct following the recent legal feud with the developer and an anti-piracy group.

However, the creator of Syncler has introduced a brand-new user interface while retaining some of the reverse-engineered source code of the TVZion app.

Similar to Watched, you can add your own scraper package in Syncler and watch your favorites movies. For high-quality links, users can also link their Real-Debrid, Premiumize, and AllDebrid accounts. Additionally, Syncler supports cached torrent playback in 4K resolution.

Syncler is currently in an active development phase, so a lot of things are subject to change in the future. In its current state, the streaming app offers a lot of features, including Trakt support.

Check – Install Syncler on FireStick

Theater Plus

Theater Plus app for firestick

Former SilentGhost users will find Theater Plus familiar, as it’s based on the same source code. You can watch thousands of publicly available movies for free, alongside spending countless hours streaming popular television series on the Theater Plus app.

You can stream your favorite films in up to Full HD, and rarely in 4K. Unlike Syncler, Theater Plus neither supports Debrid services nor integrates Trakt.

However, it has an intuitive user interface and gives you the option to select external players. Either way, it’s one of the best third-party apps to watch movies on Firestick.

How to Install Theater Plus on FireStick


firestick movies with Mobdro

The developer of Mobdro advertises it to be a media search tool, as it looks up for streams from the open web. You can search for quite literally anything on the app, whether it’s the new movie you want to watch or tune in to the latest episode of your favorite TV show.

In terms of stream quality, Mobdro doesn’t have a fixed number. However, you get access to mostly SD and HD streams from the app.

While the user interface is quite underwhelming compared to today’s standards, Mobdro does at least receive regular feature updates and bug fixes. You can download the mobro app from


watch free movies on firestick with Strix app

Strix is one of the first third-party streaming apps to make its way to the Appstore on Firestick. Now that it’s no longer available on Amazon’s official storefront, users have no choice but to sideload it just like all the other apps above.

On the brighter side, Strix offers a massive collection of films. As long as there’s a streamable link available for the content on the internet, you will be able to stream it on the Strix app.

Fortunately, you can also link a Real Debrid account to get access to high-speed, 2160p stream links.

How To Install Strix APK on FireStick

Notable Mentions to Watch Firestick Movies

  • Cinema APK
  • TeaTV
  • Morph TV
  • FreeFlix HQ
  • HD Movie Box

Best Free Streaming Apps to Watch Movies on Firestick

If you are on a limited budget this month, check out the following list of free streaming apps to watch movies on Firestick. All of these services monetize their content via advertisements, so they don’t force users to pay for a subscription.



Crackle features a big library of movies from Sony Pictures and its sister content providers, such as Columbia Pictures, Funimation, TriStar Pictures, Sony Pictures Classics, etc.

You can explore different genres, including action, crime, comedy, drama, horror, sci-fi, and thriller.

While the selection is quite limited as of now, Crackle also offers original films exclusive to the platform.

If you are into documentary-style movies, definitely check out Crackle’s offerings.

IMDb TV (On Prime Video)

Yes, you heard that right. IMDb, the famous movie database website, has its own streaming service, which turns out to be ad-supported as well. IMDb TV has 200+ movies in its streaming catalog, mostly cult classics and old-school titles. New movies are added to the service quite frequently.

On a Firestick, you can access IMDb TV from Prime Video, as it’s available as a Prime Video channel.


stram movies on firestick via Popcornflix

Popcornflix is owned by Crackle Plus, the parent company of Crackle. Evidently, it’s another advertisement-based VOD service offering 1500+ movies and TV series.

Apart from old titles syndicated from major film studios, Popcornflix also has platform-exclusive original movies. Furthermore, you won’t even need to sign up for an account to enjoy the free content.

How to Install Popcornflix on FireStick

Pluto TV

ViacomCBS’s Pluto TV has over 200 content providers. Its on-demand library stacked with 100,000+ hours of movies and TV shows. Just like the services mentioned above, Pluto TV mostly offers older titles.

If you wish to watch the older James Bond 007 movies, Pluto TV is for you. Dozens of new films are also added to Pluto TV every month, and you can sort them by category.

Just like Popcornflix, Pluto TV doesn’t require users to register for an account before giving access to its streaming library.

Install Pluto TV on FireStick



Tubi is another popular streaming service that doesn’t ask for a subscription. Its content library relies on providers like Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, MGM, Paramount Pictures, Lionsgate, Funimation, NBCUniversal, etc.

The service currently offers thousands of movies and TV shows for free. Both new and old movies are found in Tubi’s streaming library, and you can stream the movies on Firestick without creating an account.

Compared to Crackle and Pluto TV, Tubi has a much better collection of family-friendly movies, if it’s a requirement for you.

Best Paid Streaming Apps to Watch Movies on Firestick

If you wish to have the best experience, you need to cash out on subscriptions for streaming services. The following streaming apps in the list below offer extensive collections of movies, alongside TV shows, exclusive series, documentaries, and more.

Most of the apps are available on the Amazon Appstore, but there a few exceptions. You will learn about them as you go through all the streaming apps listed below.


Netflix for streaming movies on fire tv

Netflix is one of the only streaming services that have a global reach. It has over 180 million subscribers across 190 countries. Given how broad its streaming library is, it isn’t surprising how Netflix has forced television networks and providers to remodel their businesses.

Apart from producing their original series, Netflix also acquires licenses for movie premieres in different countries. It has hundreds of original films, and dozens of new ones are in line for the premiere on later dates.

While Netflix’s ever-growing library currently has just shy of 4,000+ blockbuster titles, the availability of a specific movie is subject to your region.

The service is notorious for its stringent geo-restrictions, and it’s pretty hard to get past the foreign barriers over a VPN connection.

Learn How to Get Netflix on Fire Stick

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon’s Prime Video service has 150+ million subscribers worldwide, thanks to the company’s global dominance in the e-commerce market. While it’s often overshadowed by services like Netflix and Hulu, there’s no doubt that it has the biggest streaming library in the bunch.

According to ReelGood (the search engine for streaming services), Prime Video has more than 18,000 movies to offer. To be clear, a considerable percentage of that is only available for rentals.

You still get access to thousands of movies with a monthly or annual Amazon Prime membership. Furthermore, channels like IMDb TV on Prime Video offers access to hundreds of titles for free.

Obviously, Firestick and other Fire TV devices are deeply integrated with the Prime Video platform. You can search and explore Prime Video offerings directly from the Home screen.


Hulu app

American streaming giant Hulu is known for its vast content catalog and affordable subscription plans. According to a recent survey, the Disney-owned service currently has at least 2,500 movies and a similar number of shows sourced from major television networks.

Considering Hulu integrates networks like Cinemax, HBO, and Showtime as add-ons, the movie collection is much bigger than expected.

While Netflix is still the king in terms of originals, Hulu is not that far off with its vast list of original titles. Anime fans can also rejoice, as it has hundreds of anime films to offer. However, note that the service is currently accessible in the United States only.


watch disney movies on fire tv stick

Disney+ is another of Disney’s flagship streaming services, focusing mostly on delivering family-friendly movies and TV shows. If you are a fan of the Marvel or Star Wars franchise, Disney+ is your all-in-one portal to your favorite movies.

All the Pixar and Disney (obviously) animated films are also included in its subscription.

The service currently hosts 500+ movies, as well as dozens of original documentaries produced by National Geographic. Similar to Netflix, Disney+ also has exclusive movie premieres.

If you are interested in both Hulu and Disney+, you can get both of them as a subscription bundle at an affordable price. The service is currently available in 29 countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Netherlands, Australia, France, India, etc.



HBO Max is WarnerMedia’s newest streaming service. Its streaming library mostly consists of shows and films sourced from the television networks and film studios under WarnerMedia.

They struck a deal with Disney’s 20th Century Studios and NBCUniversal’s Universal Pictures, giving them access to a vast collection of popular films until 2022.

HBO Max currently has 600 movies in its streaming library. While the service is more focused on TV shows and episodic series, you can stream plenty of new full-length titles on HBO Max.

As attractive as HBO Max’s movie collection is, the streaming app is not officially available for Fire TV devices (at the time of this writing) because of the ongoing conflicts between Amazon and WarnerMedia.

However, you can sideload the Android TV version and enjoy watching the latest films with an HBO Max subscription.

Install HBO Max on FireStick


Peacock TV

Peacock is NBCUniversal’s new over-the-top VOD service, which has both ad-supported and premium subscription tiers. On its launch, Peacock offered 15,000 hours of free content and over 5,000 hours of premium programming.

The service currently has 15 million subscribers in the United States.

Peacock’s partnership with Starz, A&E Networks, ViacomCBS, Paramount Pictures, and Cinedigm Corp. adds up to a massive library of movies.

Its primary content provider includes Universal Pictures, so you can expect to watch hundreds of Hollywood blockbuster titles.

However, Peacock is still unavailable on the Fire TV platform for the same reasons as HBO Max. Then again, you can sideload the Android TV variant of the Peacock app on your Fire TV devices and enjoy streaming free (ad-supported) and premium movies on-demand.

How to Install Peacock TV on FireStick

Notable Mentions to Watch Firestick Movies

This list contains a few additional subscription-based services that we think deserve mention for their small but respectable film catalogs. You can download them on your Firestick from the official Amazon Appstore.

  • AcornTV: If you are into British content, consider checking this service out. It has a small but handpicked list of British films.
  • BritBox: It offers the biggest collection of British content. Apart from its original series, you get on-demand access to 100+ British movies, both in new and classic tastes. Also available as a Prime Video channel.
  • Apple TV+: Apple’s streaming services also have dozens of feature films and documentaries to offer. Given how cheap the subscription is, consider giving it a try on your Firestick.
  • AMC Premiere (AMC): With AMC Premiere, you get ad-free access and early previews of AMC’s exclusive shows. However, if you are a fan of The Hobbit, Men in Black, or the Insidious franchise, make sure to grab the subscription for a month.
  • CBS All Access: CBS All Access offers the complete lineup of the Star Trek series, as well as all the film reboots. The subscription is also relatively cheap, so you should get it for a month and binge-watch the new Star Trek originals.
  • Crunchyroll: It’s the best streaming service for anime shows and movies. In fact, it has hundreds of Japanese anime films that you can stream for free. For ad-free access, all you need is a Crunchyroll Premium subscription.
  • Hallmark Movies Now: Hallmark is known for producing original made-for-TV films and seasonal specials. You can now enjoy all of them from the Hallmark Movies Now channel on Prime Video.
  • Showtime: Showtime offers hundreds of high-profile movies, with new titles added every month or so. Whether you like action, comedy, drama, fantasy, horror, or thriller, the service has a lot to offer.
  • Shudder: Although it’s completely subjective, nothing’s as thrilling as watching horror flicks at night. Shudder offers not only an endless collection of horror movies but also original series on-demand. If you are into this particular genre, Shudder is a must-have subscription for you.

To Conclude

This is where we conclude this guide to watch movies on Firestick. We hope that the detailed info has helped you choose a streaming app that suits your preferences.

Assuming that you find this guide helpful, leaving your feedback in the comments means the world to us. Also, please let us know if you have any queries regarding an app or service mentioned here.