Watch Eleider Alvarez vs Joe Smith Jr. on FireStick

Last Updated on August 7, 2020

The Top Rank Boxing fight between Eleider “Storm” Alvarez (25-1, 13 KO) and Joe “The Beast” Smith Jr. (25-3, 20 KO) was postponed last month as Alvarez suffered from a shoulder injury. However, Alvarez’s promoter Yvon Michel has recently confirmed that he’s ready for the fight night this month.

Now that Joe DeGuardia, Smith’s promoter has also confirmed August 22 as the rescheduled fight date, fans are really hyped for the WBO light heavyweight title eliminator this month. It will take place in “The Bubble” at MGM Grand behind closed doors, marking Top Rank’s return in Las Vegas.

The winner of this fight is supposedly going to face the winner of a boxing match between Maksim Vlasov and Umar Salamov, which hasn’t been scheduled yet. Whoever wins the final fight will be rewarded with the WBO light heavyweight title.

If you have cut your cord and switched to an Amazon Firestick for media consumption, then you might wonder whether you can watch the fight between Alvarez vs. Smith. We have prepared this guide for those who are interested in streaming this year’s one of the biggest Top Rank fights live on Firestick.

Read this article till the end to know how to watch Eleider Alvarez vs Joe Smith Jr. on FireStick.

How to Watch Eleider Alvarez vs Joe Smith Jr. on Firestick?

How to Watch Eleider Alvarez vs Joe Smith Jr. on Firestick

Since the early 1980s, ESPN has been carrying weekly Top Rank Boxing broadcasts. The Top Rank Boxing on ESPN event hit its 16th anniversary in 1996 before ESPN had to opt-out of the long-term contract.

However, Top Rank struck a multi-year agreement with ESPN once again back in 2017, giving ESPN the rights to broadcast Top Rank Boxing matches on its linear television channels, along with streaming rights for the pay-per-view fights on the ESPN+ subscription-based service. The deal was extended through 2025 by ESPN.

The Top Rank fight between Eleider Alvarez and Joe Smith Jr. will be streamed exclusively on ESPN+. The commentary will be available in both English and Spanish language. Since it isn’t a pay-per-view event, new and existing ESPN+ subscribers are only required to pay for the $4.99 monthly or $49.99 yearly ESPN+ subscription.

The official ESPN app is available for Fire TV devices. You can log in to the app with your cable TV provider as well. However, cord-cutters can link their ESPN+ subscription and enjoy the Top Rank fight without paying additional fees.

Watch Eleider Alvarez vs Joe Smith Jr. on Firestick with ESPN+

Last Updated on August 7, 2020

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You can tune in live to the fight between Alvarez vs. Smith on your Firestick with ESPN+. The following instructions will show you how:

Step 1: Sign up for an ESPN+ subscription

The sign-up process is straightforward. If you are unsure, then you can follow the steps below.

  • First, open a new tab in your web browser and go to
  • Next, click the Get ESPN+ button on the website.
  • Now enter your name, email address, and password in the respective fields on the following page. It will be required for your ESPN+ account creation.
  • Once you are done filling up the ESPN+ account creation form, click Sign Up.
  • After ESPN+ processes your request, you will be redirected to the billing page. Choose the ESPN+ subscription you want to pay for, then select your preferred method of payment.
  • Complete filling up your billing information, check the box next to “…Privacy Policy…ESPN Terms of Use…” statement and finish the transaction process.

Once you are charged for the subscription, you will receive a mail regarding the activation of your ESPN+ account.

Step 2: Install the official ESPN app on Firestick

Now that you have signed up for ESPN+, you can proceed to install the ESPN for Fire TV app on your Firestick. Here’s how you can do it:

  • First, go up to highlight the magnifying glass (Search) icon next to the Home section above the Fire TV home screen.
  • Use the on-screen keyboard to type “ESPN for Fire TV” in the search menu. You can also use the voice search option for it.
  • After that, select ESPN for Fire TV from the search suggestions.
  • Now scroll down to the Apps & Games results and click the ESPN.

watch Eleider Alvarez vs Joe Smith Jr. on FireStick

  • On the Appstore screen, click Get below the ESPN+ app’s description.

In a minute or so, the ESPN for Fire TV app should get installed on your Firestick. You can then go back to the Fire TV home screen and then scroll down to Your Apps & Channels section to launch the app.

If you can’t see the app there, click See All to expand the list of all the apps you’ve installed on your Firestick. At the bottom of the list, you should see the ESPN for Fire TV app.

Step 3: Activate ESPN for Fire TV with your ESPN+ subscription

Once you have the ESPN app installed on Firestick, it’s time to activate it with your ESPN+ subscription. Please do the following:

  • Launch the ESPN app on your Firestick if you haven’t already done it.
  • Now click the cogwheel icon at the upper right-hand corner of the app to open the Settings menu.
  • Highlight and click Subscriptions in the Settings menu, then select ESPN+ on the following screen.
  • Next, click the “Log In” The ESPN app should generate an activation code. Note it down as we will need it.
  • On another device, go to from a browser, enter the activation code, and click Continue.
  • Now enter your ESPN+ account details on the next page and click Log In.

Voila! Your ESPN+ subscription should get linked to the ESPN for Fire TV app, assuming that you have followed the steps correctly.

On the scheduled date, you should see the Alvarez vs. Smith Jr. fight banner in the Featured section of the app. Click it to start watching the Top Rank fight live on your Firestick.

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In this guide, we have given you the necessary information to watch the WBO light heavyweight title eliminator fight of Eleider Alvarez vs Joe Smith Jr. on Firestick. All you have to do is pay for an ESPN+ subscription and sign in to the ESPN for Fire TV app.

It’s worth mentioning that the ESPN app is also compatible with Fire TV Edition Smart TVs and Soundbars, as well as the Fire TV Cube, and the Fire TV (Pendant, Gen 3).