How to Install Syncler on FireStick

Last Updated on August 18, 2021

In this article, we will talk about how to install syncler on firestick. Syncler Apk is compatible with every generation of Firestick models, as well as other Fire TV devices like the Fire TV Cube and Fire TV. All Fire TV Edition Smart TVs and Soundbars are also supported.

Popular third-party video streaming app TVZion has recently been shut down by its developers after receiving cease-and-desist notices from ACE, a global anti-piracy group.

Their support pages also disappeared from several platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, as well as their subreddit, Discord, and YouTube channel, leaving existing TVZion users in the dark.

Soon after the app’s demise, a long-time TVZion user with the Reddit username u/synclerd started working on his version of the app and named it Syncler.

According to his detailed post on Reddit, he reverse-engineered the last version of TVZion and used the base source code to build Syncler. Since most of the code had to be rewritten, it’s more of a fork instead of just being a TVZion clone.

The developer of Syncler promises to bring new features based on what the community wants, including support for third-party add-ons. He also plans to continue the development of the streaming app for his own benefits. That’s something we have yet to see in the future.

If you have been using TVZion as your primary source of content streaming, then join us aboard and give Syncler a try. This guide will show you everything you need to get Syncler APK on Firestick.

Last Updated on August 18, 2021

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What does Syncler offer on Firestick?

Since Syncler is a fork of TVZion, some of TVZion’s features have been carried forward to Syncler. It has retained the user-customizable home screen, which you can scroll almost endlessly to find and discover new collections of content.

Syncler also has full Android TV integration, meaning that the user interface scales properly on Fire TV devices, and it is natively compatible with the Alexa Voice Remote. You can now also search for your favorite movies and shows using the built-in voice search feature.

As of now, Syncler doesn’t have any scraper or default provider links that give users access to on-demand content. However, you can link your Real-Debrid, Premiumize, or AllDebrid account to get around that and stream in up to 4K quality.

Besides, the app natively supports cloud cache streaming, so you can directly stream the content available in your debrid cloud.

Apart from movies, TV shows, documentaries, and PPV replays, you can also access exclusive web series from other streaming services and an extensive anime library. New stream sources for anime are scheduled to be added in later updates.

Additional Syncler features include autoplay, advanced link filtering options, metadata detection, subtitles, support for external players, and many more.

Let’s not also forget about Syncler’s seamless Trakt integration, which you can use to import your collection, watch history, and watch lists from other services.

Some of the features listed above are exclusive to Syncler+ users, which is a paid subscription. By paying for a Syncler+ subscription, you can access those features and get rid of all the in-app advertisements.

The plans range from 6$ to $49 based on the plan validity and the number of simultaneous streams. Visit to learn more about it.

Features of Syncler on Firestick

  • You can stream thousands of movies, TV shows, and additional on-demand content on Syncler.
  • Syncler offers a lot of user customization options compared to most other third-party streaming apps.
  • It has native support Trakt, MyAnimeList, and a handful of Debrid services, such as Real-Debrid, Premiumize, and AllDebrid.
  • You can select your preferred subtitles file and choose to use an external media player (e.g., VLC, MX Player) for stream playback.
  • Syncler is totally free to use, and new features will be added to it with future updates.

How to Install Syncler on Firestick

Syncler isn’t the typical app that you can install on Firestick easily from the Amazon Appstore. Installing apps from external sources usually takes a few hoops to jump through, given that Fire OS isn’t the same as Android TV.

However, you can follow this installation guide to get Syncler working on your Firestick. The following instructions have been separated into three distinct parts so that you and others can thoroughly understand the installation process.

#1. Turn on App Sideloading

The first thing we will do is enable a developer option that bypasses the security check before app installations. Since it’s not hidden under a secret menu, it’s relatively easy for users to turn the option on. Here’s how:

  • Boot up to the Fire TV Home page and select the Settings tab from the navigation bar above the screen.
  • Scroll right to the Settings menu to find the Device & Software option, then click it. On a 2nd-gen Firestick, search for My Fire TV or Device.

My Fire TV

  • Now scroll down to the Developer options in the following menu and click it.
  • On the Developer options page, click the Apps from Unknown Sources.

Apps from Unknown Sources

  • You will be warned about the risks of sideloading apps from unknown sources. Click Turn On to continue anyways.

Since Syncler has passed the VirusTotal test with green light, you won’t have to worry about security threats. You can turn the option off whenever you want.

#2: Get Downloader App from Appstore

There isn’t a single web browser on Amazon Appstore that offers the download functionality. However, the Downloader app does let you download files on your Firestick, and we will need it to get the latest Syncler APK file.

  • First, return to the Fire TV Home page and highlight the magnifying glass on the screen’s top-left corner.
  • Search for the Downloader app from the following menu, then select it from the search results. You can use the on-screen keyboard or the voice search option.

Downloader App from Appstore

  • Now scroll down to the Apps & Games row in the results and click the Downloader app tile.
  • Finally, click the download button on Downloader’s Appstore page. It should take less than a minute to install.

Downloader on firestick

  • Click Open to launch Downloader on your Firestick for the first time.

When asked for storage permissions, make sure to click Allow so that the app works properly. After that, you can click OK to skip the tutorial.

#3: Sideload Syncler APK file

Assuming that you have followed the steps above, you can now follow the remaining instructions below to sideload the Syncler APK file on Firestick.

  • On Downloader’s Home page, highlight and click the search bar, then enter the following download link: (APK file is not hosted by

Syncler APK on firestick

  • After that, click the Go button on the bottom-right corner of the pop-up keyboard. The download should start immediately.
  • Once the Syncler APK file is downloaded, the installer will open up automatically, asking if you want to install the application. Click Install to continue.

install Syncler on firestick

  • When you see the App Installed message, click Done. You will return to the Downloader app.
  • To free up some storage space, you can Delete the Syncler APK file as you already have the app installed.

You can launch Syncler from Your Apps & Channels row on the Fire TV Home page.

In case Syncler doesn’t appear under the row, click See All to go to the full list of installed apps. You will find Syncler at the end of the list. Press the Options key on the remote and click Move to move it to the top, so that you can access the app straight from the Fire TV Home page.

How to Activate Syncler+ on Firestick

Syncler+ is currently free for all users until the developer adds new exclusive features and figures out the subscription model. Here’s how you can activate Syncler+ on Firestick:

  • Start with launching Syncler on your Firestick.
  • Press the left directional button on the Firestick remote to expand the sidebar of the Syncler app, then select and click Syncler+ in the options.
  • Click the Enter Code option on the Syncler+ page, then type in S+ in the first text field. In the Device name field, you can enter anything you want.

Activate Syncler+

  • After that, click the Activate You should see the “Syncler+ active” message.

The process doesn’t end here. You will also have to install a provider package to get the streaming links for your favorite movies and TV shows.

Important Note

The developer of Syncler is currently trying to negotiate with the ZionClub reseller to obtain the list of existing ZionClub members. If you previously were a ZionClub member, then the chances are that you won’t have to pay again for a Syncler+ subscription.

How to Set Up Syncler for Streaming on Firestick

In case you don’t want to use the Debrid Manager and would like to stream on-demand content on Syncler without it, carefully follow the steps below to get a provider package first.

  • First, open up the sidebar and go to the Settings.
  • Scroll down to the Provider packages option in Settings, then select Helios under the ‘Install’ section of the following page.
  • A pop-up dialog box will appear in the middle of the screen with an activation code. Go to from your web browser on another device, enter the displayed code, and click Next.

install scraper Provider packages

  • On the next page, enter this provider link:, and click Done.

After that, the Syncer app might ask you to integrate a Debrid service. You can either skip the process or follow the instructions below to link your Real-Debrid account (if you have one).

  • In the Settings menu, highlight and click the Accounts
  • Now select Real-Debrid under the ‘Debrid services’ section. Another activation code will be generated for your login session.
  • Go to, enter the code shown in the Syncler app, and click Continue. The next page will prompt you to log in to your Real-Debrid account.

setup Real-Debrid

Once logged in to your account, the pop-up activation box in the Syncler app should disappear, and you should see your account info on the Real-Debrid Settings page. From there, you can also set up the Debrid Cloud feature. Here’s how it works:

  • First, visit from your browser to paste a magnet link or upload a .torrent file of the content you want to stream on Syncler.
  • Once uploaded, go to the Debrid Manager menu from the sidebar. You should see the torrent file that you uploaded earlier.
  • You can now click the file to play the stream and enjoy watching it.

A Quick Overview of Syncler on Firestick

Syncler brings a whole new user interface to the table, even though it’s a fork of TVZion. It’s much slicker than the previous UI, and it’s intuitive to navigate with an Alexa Voice Remote. Here are all the options you will find in the sidebar: Search, Home, Syncler+, Watching, Debrid Manager, Settings, and Exit.

Overview of Syncler app on Firestick

The default Home page has two options on the top: TV and Movie. You can switch between them and scroll through the endless categories and collections. You can also manually search for your favorite content from the Search menu.

To manage your Syncler+ subscription, you can go to the Syncler+ menu. Similarly, you can playback torrents and manage your Debrid Cloud storage from the Debrid Manager.

To customize your experience in Syncler, you can go to the Settings menu to change subtitle settings, manage Trakt, MAL, and Debrid accounts, adjust autoplay options, set an external media player, etc.

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Syncler isn’t the same as other third-party streaming apps, as it needs users to install the provider package manually. Since Syncler doesn’t offer any streaming links, it doesn’t technically infringe the copyright laws, and the app itself is totally legal to use.

You can install Syncler on Firestick using the sideloading method we have provided in this guide. However, users can still access pirated content from Syncler, and we strongly discourage such behavior. We would recommend you to proceed using it at your own risk.