How To Install Strix APK on FireStick

Last Updated on September 10, 2021

We are here to provide you with a step-to-step guide to install Strix APK on Firestick.

Strix app is also available for other Fire TV devices as well, including the Gen 3 Fire TV, Gen 1/Gen 2 Fire TV Cube, and the current-gen Fire TV Edition Smart TVs/Soundbars.

In the world of premium streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, and Disney+, there aren’t many free streaming options for the viewers. The ones that are actually free mostly consist of older and classic titles, which you definitely are not interested in.

In fact, if you want to watch the latest movies and episodic titles, you mostly have to rely on third-party alternatives, such as HD Movie Box, TeaTV, CinemaHD, etc. Also, these apps need to be sideloaded, which takes a considerable amount of time on media streaming players running either Android TV or Amazon’s Fire OS.

Strix is a new video-on-demand app in the market, which offers free movies and TV shows. However, it’s also available in the Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore, which means you won’t have to go through sideloading, whether you own an Android TV or a Fire TV device, such as the Firestick.

The vast majority of cord-cutters across the world use the Amazon Firestick for streaming online content, and you probably have it as well. For you, we have prepared this guide to install Strix APK on Firestick and use the app to watch premium content for free.

What does Strix App offer on Firestick?

As previously mentioned, Strix app gives you access to a big catalog of movies and TV shows at absolutely no charge. It uses media scrapers to find streamable links from several different publicly available sources, similar to most other third-party streaming apps.

The streaming library is generated from movie database sources, including the titles, posters, descriptions, ratings, etc.

Strix app isn’t as feature-rich as other third-party options, but it does offer the essential functionalities. You can use external players, such as MX Player and VLC for Fire TV instead of using the default ExoPlayer for stream playback.

Also, it offers Real-Debrid integration. If you have an RD account, you can link it to Strix app and get access to Ultra HD streams for select movies, TV shows, and series. Unfortunately, Strix doesn’t provide subtitles for the on-demand content yet.

The best thing about the Strix app is its availability on the Amazon Appstore for Fire TV devices, even when it basically acts like a medium for pirated content. But at the end of the day, it’s none of our concern. New and inexperienced Firestick users won’t have to necessarily go through the APK sideloading process to get the Strix app, at least for now.

Features of Strix App

  • You can enjoy the latest and trending movies and TV shows for free.
  • Strix app lets you binge-watch your favorite shows season by season.
  • Strix can scrape content in up to 1080p Full HD quality without any resolvers. However, you can find high-speed 2160p links with Real-Debrid.
  • Although the app has in-app advertisements, you won’t be bothered by ads during the stream playback.
  • You can change your default stream player from the app settings, as well as set a PIN code for adult content.

Last Updated on September 10, 2021

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How to Install Strix on Firestick from Appstore

Surprisingly, Strix has been allowed to be listed on the Amazon Appstore for Fire TV devices. If you haven’t downloaded apps on Firestick from the official Appstore before, then follow the steps below.

  • First, hover over the Search (magnifying glass) option on the upper left-hand side of the Fire TV home screen, next to all the navigational tabs.
  • Now search for “Strix” using either the voice option or the virtual on-screen keyboard on the Search menu.
  • After that, select “Strix” keyword from the group of instant suggestions below.
  • Now move over to the Apps & Games row on the search results screen and click Strix app logo.


  • Click Get / Download to link the app to your Amazon account and install it on Firestick.

download Strix on Firestick from Appstore

The installation wouldn’t take more than a minute, as the app is only around 10MB in size. Once it’s done installing, you can launch Strix from Your Apps & Channels row of the Fire TV home screen.

If the row is occupied by other apps, then click See All to open a full-view list of all the apps you have installed on Firestick. You will find Strix at the end of the list.

How to Sideload Strix APK on Firestick

There’s a high chance that the Strix app might not be available in Amazon Appstore in the near future. In such cases, the only way to update the app is to sideload the latest Strix APK file on Firestick. The following steps will guide you through the sideloading process:

Step 1: Enable sideloading on Firestick

Firestick users have to enable a developer option to install apps from third-party sources, similar to all other Android variants. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Move over to the navigational tabs above the Fire TV home screen and highlight Settings.
  • Next, scroll right to the Device & Software option in the Settings menu. It might be labeled as My Fire TV or Device in case your Firestick is running an older firmware.

  • Now select Developer options in the following menu, then highlight and click Apps from Unknown Sources.

Apps from Unknown Sources

  • Click Turn On to confirm enabling the option. You can now return to the Fire TV home screen.

Voila! You have successfully enabled sideloading on Firestick. You can now continue following the next set of steps.

Step 2: Install Downloader on Firestick

You will have to install the Downloader app on Firestick for downloading the Strix APK file. Since it’s available in the Amazon Appstore, you can get it easily.

  • Go to the Search option from the Fire TV home screen.
  • Now search for the “Downloader” app and select Downloader from the suggestions list.


  • Click the Downloader app logo under Apps & Games on the next page.

Downloader on firestick

  • After that, click Get and wait for the Downloader app to complete installing on your Firestick.
  • Finally, click Open once the installation finishes.

On the first boot, Downloader will need you to grant proper storage permissions, so click Allow to do it. Also, click OK to dismiss Downloader’s quick start guide.

Step 3: Sideload Strix APK on Firestick

To sideload the Strix APK on Firestick using Downloader, please do the following as shown below.

  • On the Home menu of Downloader, select the empty field under “Enter a URL or Search Term.”

Sideload Strix APK on Firestick

  • Now type in in the address bar and click Go.
  • After Downloader finishes downloading the Strix APK file, the Android installer will pop up on the screen automatically. Click Install below the installer and wait for the Strix APK to get sideloaded on Firestick.

Install Strix on Firestick

  • Click Done once Strix is installed. The Android installer will close, and you will be taken back in the Downloader app. Click Delete in the dialog box to remove the APK file.

You can now launch Strix just like any other regular app from Your Apps & Channels row on the Fire TV home screen.

How to Use Strix App on Firestick

Strix doesn’t give you access to the content immediately after you install it. Instead, you will have to activate the app with a code first.

  • Begin with launching the Strix app on Firestick.
  • After the splash screen disappears, click Allow to give Strix access to your Firestick’s storage.

How to Use Strix App

  • Now enter 229156 in the field and click Submit.

Strix APK on Firestick

  • Next, the app will ask you to set a parental PIN. Enter your preferred PIN and click OK.

Strix APK on Firestick

Once you see the main screen of the Strix app, you will notice five different categories below, which are Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Sports TV, and Adult XXX. It’s worth mentioning that the Live TV and Sports TV section doesn’t work at all.

overview of strix app on fire tv stick

On Movies and TV Shows, you get a list of trending content to scroll through. You can click All Movies or All Shows to get access to a complete library, with dozens of genres to choose from the sidebar. You can also search for movies and shows manually.

To open the Settings menu, click the gear icon on the top-left corner of Strix app. From here, you can select your preferred external player, show or hide the adult category (requires the PIN), change the PIN code, and log in to Real-Debrid.

If you want to connect your Real-Debrid account to Strix app for premium streamable links, then follow these steps:

  • Go to the Settings menu and click Real Debrid – Login. A code will be provided to you for the account authorization.
  • From your mobile or computer, go to, then type in the code and click Continue.
  • Log in to your Real-Debrid account to complete the authorization process.

Once you get the Success! You are now logged in to Real Debrid! message in Strix app, you can select a movie or TV show to stream and select the streamable link marked as “RD” or “Real-Debrid.

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Wrapping Up

Strix is a must-have app for watching movies and TV shows for free on Firestick, especially when you can get it easily from the Amazon Appstore. We have given you every bit of important info you need to install Strix APK on Firestick, as well as activate and use it for streaming your favorite on-demand content.