How to Program FireStick Remote for TV

Last Updated on August 6, 2021

The following article will show you How to Program FireStick Remote for TV. This guide should also work for other current-gen Fire TV devices, including the Fire TV Cube and the 2017 Fire TV (Gen 3).

Amazon’s Fire TV Remote, mostly recognized as the Firestick Remote, is one of the most iconic device remotes in the market. Whether it’s the first Fire TV box or the Fire TV Cube or the Firestick, Amazon has kept the look of the remote same as the first one, albeit adding new functionalities every generation.

The latest iteration of the remote is now called the “All-New Alexa Voice Remote,” which retains not only the standard button layout from the second generation but also the Alexa button for voice searches. If you recently bought a new Firestick device, there are two noticeable changes you should see on the remote. The first one is the inclusion of a dedicated power button on the top, followed by volume up/down and a mute button.

The second change brings an IR blaster on the remote. In general, Bluetooth connection is still used for remote input. The addition of an IR blaster on the remote gives users the ability to control older televisions that still rely on Infrared remote technology.

With the new Firestick remote, you can power on/off your TV, increase/decrease the TV volume, or mute it without reaching out for your older television remote. You also can use the Alexa Voice Remote to navigate through Firestick’s user interface at the same time.

If you want to try out this feature, then you can follow this comprehensive guide to program Firestick remote for TV.

How to Program Firestick Remote for TV Controls

If you have already paired your All-New Alexa Voice Remote with your Firestick, then the TV controls should work with your television. In case the buttons don’t do anything, follow the steps below to set up and program your Firestick remote for TV controls.

  • First of all, scroll over to the Settings tab above the Fire TV home screen.

Settings on firestick

  • In the Settings menu, scroll to the right once again and select Equipment Control.

Equipment Control

  • Select and click Manage Equipment on the following page.

Manage Equipment

  • After that, select TV from the list of equipment, then scroll down and click the Change TV

Change TV

  • You will be asked to start the guided setup process, which might take 5-10 minutes based on your devices. Click Change TV again to continue.

 Program FireStick Remote for TV

  • The Firestick will start scanning for your TV model. In a few seconds, your TV model name should show up on the screen. If it’s correct, click Yes to proceed. Else, click No and manually select your TV brand from the list.

How to Program FireStick Remote for TV

  • Firestick will now prompt you to press the Power button on your Alexa Voice Remote to turn off your TV, then turn it on again after ten seconds. Follow the commands as instructed.

Pair Firestick remote to TV

  • If your TV turns off and on in the process, then click Yes. Otherwise, click No and repeat the same process again and again until the Power button works as intended.

  • The next set-up prompt will walk you through the volume controls. Make sure that your TV volume is turned up before you click Next, as it will play sample music.

  • Now press the Volume Up or Volume Down button on your Alexa Voice Remote to check if the TV volume is increasing or decreasing.

how to pair alexa voice remote to fire stick

  • If the volume control buttons are working correctly, then click Yes. In case it doesn’t work, click No and repeat the steps again.
  • Click OK to complete the set-up process.

That’s it! You have successfully finished programming your Firestick Remote for TV controls. In addition to the power and volume control buttons, the Mute button should also work after the setup without any issues.


Wrapping Up

Hopefully, this guide has helped you program Firestick Remote for TV controls. It is genuinely an intuitive feature for Fire TV users, as you won’t have to pick up your old television remote anymore to change the volume or power on/off your TV.