How to Connect Amazon FireStick to Bluetooth Devices

Last Updated on January 8, 2021

In this article, we will show you How to connect an Amazon Fire Stick to a Bluetooth device. We have tested our Bluetooth speaker and headphone with firestick Bluetooth and it’s working great. We will also share step by step instructions to Pair Bluetooth Headphones / Speaker with Firestick.

The Amazon Firestick is an excellent streaming device for either your living room TV or home cinema setup. Unlike other Fire TV devices, it is portable enough to be carried everywhere you travel.

Simply plug it into the HDMI port of your hotel room TV, connect to the Wi-Fi, and get access to massive libraries of on-demand content and live channels.

The Firestick and every other Fire TV device also have Bluetooth connectivity, as it’s a necessary interface to connect to the Alexa Voice Remote. In case you are wondering, it’s also possible to connect to a Bluetooth audio device. Here’s how you can use it.

Suppose you want to tune in to your favorite show from a streaming service but don’t want to disturb others next door. By pairing your Bluetooth headphones to your Firestick or Fire TV, you can enjoy the show without disturbing others in your room or house.

If you don’t like the mess of cables, you can also connect a Bluetooth speaker or soundbar to your Firestick for an overall cleaner home cinema setup.

This guide will show you how to pair Bluetooth headphones with Firestick and other Fire TV devices.

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How to Connect Amazon Firestick to Bluetooth Devices?

Follow the below steps to connect amazon fire tv to Bluetooth devices.

  • Turn on the Bluetooth of your devices.
  • Go into Settings on your fire tv stick and Click on Controllers and Bluetooth devices.
  • Click on Other Bluetooth Devices.
  • Click Add Bluetooth Devices.
  • Now your speaker or headphone will appear in the Discovered Devices list, Select it to Pair.

How to Pair Bluetooth Headphones with Firestick/Fire TV?

Before we start, make sure that your Bluetooth headphones or TWS earbuds are at least above 30% battery. Otherwise, you might encounter connection issues or pairing errors.

Also, power on your Firestick and check if you can navigate with your Alexa Voice Remote. You can also use the Amazon Fire TV app on your Android or iOS device to navigate through the Fire TV interface.

1. Go to the Fire TV Settings Menu

The first thing you need to do is go to the Settings menu of your Fire TV device. Assuming that you are on the Home page, go up to the navigation panel using the remote, then scroll right to the Settings tab.

Settings Menu

Once you highlight the tab, the Settings menu should automatically appear on the screen.

2. Open the Bluetooth Settings Menu

Now that you are in the Fire TV Settings menu, scroll right past the other options and select Controller & Bluetooth Devices. While you may think it’s not related to audio devices, you can actually manage your Alexa Voice Remote, gamepads, and add new Bluetooth devices from the following page.

Controller & Bluetooth Devices

In the ‘Controller & Bluetooth Devices’ menu, select and click the Other Bluetooth Devices option. From here, you can pair your Bluetooth headphones, speakers, or soundbar.

Other Bluetooth Devices

3. Activate Pairing mode on your Bluetooth Headphones

All Bluetooth devices come with a pairing button, and your headphones have it as well. In case there’s no dedicated pairing button on your headphones, all you have to do is hold the power button for a few seconds. It will power on and automatically go into pairing mode.

Usually, a female voice indicates the activation of the pairing mode, but it can be identified by a flashing LED indicator on the headphones as well. Check the user manual for more information.

4. Connect your Bluetooth Headphones to Firestick/Fire TV

Once you put your Bluetooth headphones into pairing mode, click the Add Bluetooth Devices option. After that, you should see the name or model of your headphones on the list of ‘Discovered Devices.’ Click it and wait for the pairing process to finish up.

connect Bluetooth Headphones to Firestick

Upon successful pairing, you should see the Headset Connected notification on the bottom-right corner of the screen. If you are wearing the headphones, you should also hear a chime or voice, indicating that it’s connected to the source.

When you are done watching, you can simply power off your headphones to disconnect. In case you want to use it later with the Firestick or Fire TV device, go to the Other Bluetooth Devices menu and select your headphones.

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Fix Bluetooth Headphones Pairing Errors with Firestick/Fire TV

If you are having trouble pairing your Bluetooth headphones with Firestick or other Fire TV device, go through the following troubleshooting points below.

  • In cases where you don’t see your headphones on the ‘Discovered Devices’ list, power it off and on again while your Fire TV device continues to scan for Bluetooth devices nearby. Also, make sure that your headphones are in pairing mode and not getting connected to another device you previously have paired it with.
  • Reboot your Firestick or Fire TV device. Power cycling it might also help. It’s far and away the most common fix for solving pairing errors.
  • If you managed to pair the headphones the first time but have connection issues the next time, visit the ‘Other Bluetooth Devices’ page, select your headphones’ model, and click the Menu (≡) key on the remote to unpair it. After that, you can go through the pairing process once again to see if the problem is resolved.
  • Consider charging your Bluetooth headphones fully to see whether the pairing or connection errors still persist.

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As we have shown in this guide, pairing Bluetooth headphones with Firestick or other Fire TV devices (e.g., Fire TV Cube, Fire TV Box/Pendant) is quite a simple and intuitive process.

By following the same instructions, you can also connect your Bluetooth speakers or soundbar to your Fire TV device with ease.

If you are facing lip-sync issues, there’s nothing much you can do as it’s the connection latency between your headphones and the Fire TV device. However, you can purchase a Bluetooth transmitter/receiver box and set it up with your TV to minimize the audio latency.

Some streaming apps also offer an adjustment slider for the audio delay, which you can access from the stream player.