How to Download & Install Live Lounge APK on Firestick? – Ultimate Guide

Last Updated on October 19, 2021

If you have Amazon’s Firestick then you’re going to want to install Live Lounge APK. Live Lounge provides you with a variety of options for streaming. You will notice that this app has it all, whether you enjoy tuning into live or on-demand TV.

In addition, there is a special category just for “fireplace videos”, so if you want something to relax with, this is a great option.

Due to the variety of content and the ease of streaming, it’s no wonder that Live Lounge APK has become a staple on every ‘Best Apps for Firestick’ list. For the most part, this app integrates well with the remote.

However, you may need to utilize the mouse toggle to access certain areas, including the menu option. You may even find that you need to use it to pull up the progress bar during playback.

Instructions for Installing Live Lounge APK on Firestick

The installation process can be broken down into two simple parts that are easy to follow and make the whole process organized. Here are the basic steps:

  1. Allow apps from unknown sources
  2. Download/install Live Lounge APK on Firestick

Both of these elements are critical in getting Live Lounge installed and streaming on your Firestick. Now, let’s get started.

Allow Apps from Unknown Sources

All Android-based systems have a default security feature that prevents you from downloading apps from sources considered unknown.

Basically, this means that anything not on the official App Store is unknown and therefore, you cannot download it. However, you can bypass this restriction by allowing the installation of third-party apps. Following are the instructions for how to do this on your Firestick.

  1. Start up Firestick and stay on the home screen (the main window).
  2. To access the menu bar across the top, press up on the navigation button.
  3. Press right until you select “Settings.”
  4. When you open the settings menu, click down once followed by right, until you. reach “My Fire TV”— Click on this.
  5. On the following window, click “Developer Options.”
  6. If “Apps from Unknown Sources” is “OFF”, click on it to enable it.
  7. Confirm that you wish to allow installation of apps from unknown sources.

Now you are able to install third-party apps on your Firestick, including Live Lounge APK.

Download/Install Live Lounge APK on Firestick

Now that you have given your device permission to download apps from unknown sources, it’s time to download and install the Live Lounge APK on your Firestick.

  1. Start by installing the Downloader app on your device. You will need the Downloader app to sideload Live Lounge APK. It can’t be done directly from the browser. You can find it free on the Amazon store. You can use the search function from the Firestick home screen to find it.
  2. Open Downloader and click “Settings” on the left side. Check to make sure that the Enable JavaScript option is set to “enabled”. If it is not, click to enable it. You will be given a “JavaScript Warning” message, just click “Yes” to continue.
  3. To the left, you will see a “Home” tab.
  4. On the right side of this screen, you will see a text field, where you can enter a URL.
  5. In the text box, type this URL:
  6. The Downloader will connect first and the Live Lounge APK will be downloaded to your device. This may end up taking a few minutes, depending on the speed of your network.
  7. Once the download is finished, you’ll be prompted to install it.
  8. Click “Install” and wait. It should only take a minute to be completed.
  9. Once installed, you will receive a confirmation that it is done. Clicking “Open” will open the app but you don’t want to do this. Click “Done” instead.
  10. At this time, you’re going to delete the Live Lounge APK. You no longer need the installation app since it’s already installed. It’s good to conserve space as much as possible.

At this point, you have completed the installation of the Live Lounge APK on your Firestick. In the following section, we’ll offer a quick overview of the app as well as explain the various methods you can use to access it.

Using Live Lounge APK on Firestick

When you install some apps on your Firestick, they appear on the home screen right away. Others do not. If it does not appear on the home screen, you can find it in your My Apps & Channels Section. There are a few different ways you can do this.

Hold down the “Home” button for approximately 5 seconds. A pop-up will appear. On this, you will click on “Apps”. Then you can find the app you want and click on it.

In the home screen of the Firestick, press down and select the row labeled “Your Apps & Channels”. Navigate to the “See All” option and click it. Now, navigate to the app you want. In this case, Live Lounge. Click on it to open it.

If you wish to move the icon to the home screen, press “Menu” on the remote. Then, when a pop-up appears in the bottom right corner of the TV, click “Move” or “Move to Front.” Drop it where you want to on the home screen.

There are 6 major categories on this app:

  • Television shows
  • Movies
  • Sports
  • World
  • Requested
  • Adult (18+)

This app is pretty easy to navigate with the remote. However, there are some cases where the navigation will become erratic, and you’ll want to use the Mouse Toggle instead. If you wish to explore the settings, click the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen.

At this point, you can use your Firestick/Fire TV to stream your favorite content. However, remember that this is not private unless you have also installed a VPN. A VPN is a virtual private network.

Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) While Streaming

Both the government and IP provider are keeping an eye on what you are streaming, but a VPN will prevent this from happening. If you’re not doing anything illegal though, this should not be an issue. Take the time to do your research and determine which is best for you.

While we do not encourage you to violate copyright laws, you may accidentally end up streaming content from a not-so-legit source. After all, upon first glance, you can’t always tell the difference between a legit and a not legit source. We recommend ExpressVPN to keep your streaming activities private.

  1. First you must subscribe to the Express VPN service and download it to your device. You will be able to use the service for free for 30 days. If you are not fully satisfied, you can request a full refund.
  2. Turn on your Firestick and click Find followed by the Search option.
  3. In the search box, type ExpressVPN and choose the type that you need from the search results.
  4. Click on it and download the Express VPN onto your device.
  5. Open the app and enter the login information you created when purchasing your subscription to Express VPN. Click Sign in.
  6. Now, click the Power icon to be connected to a server. Now, you are connected to a secure server with the fastest/best VPN for Firestick.


In conclusion, Firestick and Fire TV are great options for entertainment. However, there are a few things they lack when it comes to what’s available for streaming. The Live Lounge APK can help you access videos and movies that you can’t otherwise. And it’s a fairly straightforward process to install and run this app.

This is a great app for streaming a variety of content including TV, movies, and so much more. Even if there’s nothing on your must-watch list right now, click on the channel that brings you fireplace videos to unwind and relax.

Of course, no app is perfect. There are a few shortcomings as well. For example, the navigation isn’t that smooth. The progress bar doesn’t appear when you click the buttons on the remote. This is why you might want the mouse toggle app to work with this program.

While the on-demand and Live TV actions seem to work perfectly, there are a few non-working links, especially in the Sports IPTV. That being said, if you want an all-in-one, easy to navigate, straightforward streaming app, this could certainly be a viable option for you.