How to Download & Install Gears TV on Firestick / Fire TV? – Ultimate Guide

Last Updated on September 27, 2021

Gears TV is an IPTV service that will help you to get access to content from many different genres. It is a standalone live-streaming app that you can access through the use of your Firestick. This app gives you access to hundreds of live cable channels and you can stream in High-definition through the use of Gears TV. This app promises superior load speeds and no buffering which is really phenomenal.

To install Gears TV, just go to your Firestick settings:

1. Enable ADB Debugging and Apps from Unknown Sources
2. Use the search function and enter the word “downloader”
3. Click on the downloader app and then click on “get”
4. On the Home tab, enter this URL:
5. Click next and then install
6. Click open, then done.

What Are the Features of Gears TV?

This is one of the best streaming services out there and you will get access to so many features and benefits that you would not be able to enjoy with another streaming service. You will get access to premium channels as well as sports TV and more.

  •  Pay-Per-View

You will get access to pay-per-view streaming with this app and you will get crystal-clear streaming even with the Pay-Per-View part of the app. You are able to stream in 1080p and high-definition with ease.

  • IPTV Servers

This app is designed specifically for this kind of use and you will find that the streaming is so good because of Gears TV’s 10-gigabit servers that allow you to stream without having to handle buffering issues or delays. The quality of the stream that you will get every second will never compare to other apps without this setup in the background.

  • Sports Channels and Streaming

Sports channel packages can get really expensive and you might be sick of trying to figure out which is the right sports package for your needs. Gears TV lets you get access to NFL Sunday Ticket, NBA League Pass, NHL Center Ice, NFL RedZone, MLB Extra Innings and so much more.

  • Unlimited Bandwidth

This app is made to make sure that you will not have issues with limited bandwidth that can lead to problems streaming and buffering waits. This is particularly important with sports watching so that you do not miss a single play in real-time. You will never have to deal with a throttled bandwidth issue when you are using this service.

Some Download Tips

1. This app is not in the app store, so you will need to use the Downloader app that was mentioned earlier in the article. This app can be found easily or you can also use Kodi and install this app as an add-on.

2. If you are using Kodi, there is a different installation process which will be detailed further on in the article.

3. Consider a VPN for your download and streaming processes using this app. A VPN will make sure that your connection is safe and secure and help you to continue to access your streaming no matter where you are in the world. You will also get faster download speeds and a better overall user experience when you use a VPN. These services are not that expensive and you can easily get one set up for all your streaming needs both at home and when you are traveling.

Downloading Gears TV With Kodi

This is a slightly different process than when you use the Downloader app, and Kodi can be a little tough to navigate if you are not used to doing so. This step-by-step guide will help you to get Gears TV added to your Kodi with ease.

1. Open Kodi and go to the Settings menu

2. Select the “System” setting

3. Click on “Add-ons” and turn on the “Unknown Sources” option

4. Click yes and then go back to the home screen

5. Select “File Manager” and then click on “Add Source”, select “None”

6. Type in the URL: and name the add-on Gears TV

7. Click OK and then go back to the home screen of Kodi again

8. Click “Add-ons” and click the box icon in the upper left

9. Click Install from the zip file and then click on Gears TV

10. You will need to click on the “repository.GearsTV” zip file. You will get a pop-up that asks if you want to install and you need to select yes. Then click on install from repository and select Gears TV Repository. Click Install.

11. Go to add-ons and select Gear TV to open your Firestick. You will have to clear the cache and then click packages. You will not be able to use Gears TV on your Kodi app.

There are many great tutorial videos out there that will help you to get this process done with Kodi if this seems confusing. Sometimes seeing Kodi in action can help a lot.

Pros and Cons of Gears TV

Gears TV Pros

· Very stable service that offers lots of channels without buffering or loading time issues
· Access to all the major sports channels
· 600 channels total
· Easy to install and use
· Support is pretty good and will take care of most of your needs
· No buffering for streaming
· Works well with a VPN

Gears TV Cons

· Kodi download can be arduous, particularly if you have never used Kodi

· Some locations report lower than HD streaming despite promises to have access to it on all channels from all locations

· Some services are cheaper, although the difference is a matter of $2 or so

· The interface could be more user-friendly within some functions of the app

As you can see, there are the usual streaming service issues here and there, but a lot of these can be reduced or eliminated with the use of a VPN. Being on a good stable internet on your end matters as well, and the app cannot be blamed for issues with local internet.

Related Questions

What is a VPN?

We mentioned a VPN earlier in this article and you might not be sure that this is. A VPN protects your IP address and privacy and it also makes sure that you have encryption on your connection. You can stream or access the internet over an open WiFi network and not worry about having your personal data stolen.

Is Kodi Safe to Use?

Kodi might seem a little spammy when you first see it. The interface is old-looking and it can be a little tough to navigate. It can remind you of Napster from back when illegal streaming apps were just being born.

However, Kodi is safe to use and can offer you easy access to a variety of apps that would otherwise not be available to you. You will always need to be sure that you do not add apps that might threaten your network through the use of Kodi. This is the one part of using Kodi that could lead to issues.


Installing Gears TV is easy to do when you have a Firestick and you can install it readily through the use of the Downloader app or Kodi. You will get access to lots of great programming as well as sports and pay-per-view channels with ease. The low monthly cost is well worth the trouble to download this app and you will be pleased with how much money you are saving on your monthly television bill.

Find the Gears TV app by using the search function on your Firestick and then downloading with the use of our handy guide. There is no better live streaming or sports streaming app on offer anywhere and you will get the best of 600 plus channels when you use Gears TV with your Firestick.