How To Download & Install FreeFlix HQ on FireStick? – Ultimate User Guide

Last Updated on November 10, 2021

If you own an Amazon FireStick, you have plenty of options for streaming content. But sometimes you can’t stream all the content you want through the traditional platforms. That’s where free streaming apps come in handy. One of the most popular apps today is FreeFlix HQ.

FreeFlix HQ is available for free. It has the ability to stream TV shows, live TV, movies, and so much more. If you are looking for an app that will give you a wide array of titles, then FreeFlix HQ just might be the ticket. In this guide, we’ll show you how to install it on your FireStick.

FreeFlix HQ has a user-friendly interface and will work well on most large-screen TVs. You can also operate the app on your FireStick remote so you can be able to navigate between channels. If you want to know how to install FreeFlix HQ on your FireStick, keep reading and we’ll show you how.

FreeFlix HQ Installation Guide For Your Fire TV or Stick

It’s important that you follow these instructions carefully as you install FreeFlix HQ on your Fire TV or FireStick. Keep in mind that third-party apps need to be installed a certain way. And FreeFlix HQ is no different.

Overall, the installation process takes anywhere from five to ten minutes. Let’s dive right into the installation itself.

Enable FireStick for Third-Party Apps

One of the things you need to do first and foremost is enable your FireStick to accept third-party apps. By default, the ability to install such apps is disabled. With that said, the first thing you need to do is go to the Fire TV Stick home screen and select the ‘Settings’ option.

Once in the ‘Settings’ menu, choose the ‘Device’ option. From there, choose the ‘Developer Options’. Next, find the option that says ‘Apps from Unknown Sources’ and select ‘Off’.

You’ll receive a prompt that warns you about downloading third-party apps. Select the ‘turn on’ option. Rest assured, while FreeFlix HQ is a third-party app, it’s safe to download. For future reference, be sure to do research on third-party apps before you install them on a FireStick.

Install FreeFlix HQ Using Downloader

Now that you have enabled third-party apps on your FireStick, it’s time to install the FreeFlix HQ app. Follow the instructions carefully:

Step 1: Download the Downloader App

If you don’t have the Downloader App, be sure to download this from the app store. If you are unable to find it, you’ll need to change the region, which can be done in your Amazon account. Once downloaded, you’ll want to access the Downloader app.

Step 2: Enable Javascript

Once you’re inside the Downloader App, select the Settings option on the sidebar located on the left side of the screen. Click on the Enable JavaScript option. You’ll see a warning message, so click ‘yes’.

Step 3: Enter The URL For FreeFlix HQ

Now, select the ‘Home’ option on the sidebar. From there, select the URL field. Next, type in the following URL:

After entering it in the URL field, press Go or Play. This will allow the FreeFlix HQ APK to be downloaded. Once the download is finished, the Downloader App will install the APK package. Click ‘Next’ once you see the prompt. Next, you’ll see the ‘Install’ option. Select that.

Step 4: Delete the APK Package

You’ll receive a notification that says ‘App Installed’. You can launch the app by selecting ‘Open’ or select ‘Done’. However, we need to delete the APK file since we no longer need it. Keeping it on there will take up unnecessary space. Find the APK file and select ‘Delete’. Once deleted, you can return to the ‘Apps & Channels’ section of the FireStick.

At this point, the installation process is complete.

Installing FreeFlix HQ on FireStick or FireTV With ES File Explorer

Other than Downloader, FreeFlix HQ can be installed on a FireStick or FireTV using the ES File Explorer App. The app will use a sideloader, which will allow you to install third-party apps. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

Step 1: Search for the app

To begin, go to the FireStick/FiveTV home screen and search for the ES File Explorer app. It should appear in the search results.

Step 2: Download

Download the ES File Explorer app. Once it’s downloaded, it will automatically install. Wait for the process to finish.

Step 3: Click on Downloader icon

At this point, there should be a menu with all kinds of apps on the ES File Explorer App. Select the ‘Downloader’ that is located on the main page. From there, you can click on the +New icon below it.

Step 4: Enter Path and Name and Download

From here, you’ll need to enter the following URL in the Path Field:

Next, you can label it as FreeFlix HQ in the name field. Select ‘Download Now.’ The file will soon download.

Step 5: Install and Open

Once it’s downloaded, install the FreeFlix HQ app and it will start the installation process. Wait for it to finish. Afterwards, open up the FreeFlix HQ app and you’ll be good to go.

Using The FreeFlix HQ on FireStick

Note before use: Please be aware that when using the FreeFlix HQ app, you may be tracked. Some of the app’s users have received legal notices regarding the use of FreeFlix HQ. For this reason, it is important that you use a VPN.

A VPN will encrypt your online activities. Please note that we do not condone copyright infringement or violation of said laws. However, privacy should be something you want to consider when using third-party apps.

Download a VPN

As mentioned in our note above, using a VPN will be important. Especially when you hold privacy to a high standard. Some of these third-party apps may trace or track you each time you use them. For this reason, you’ll want to download a VPN that will encrypt your traffic.

There are plenty of VPNs that exist. However, one of the more reliable VPNs that many FireStick users have relied on is ExpressVPN. This can be downloaded on FireStick directly from the app store. ExpressVPN can only work if you have a subscription.

Once downloaded on your FireStick, you can log in with your ExpressVPN details. After you log in, you can enable the VPN by clicking on the power button. Once you turn it on, you can back out and then access the FreeFlix HQ app.

Accessing The FreeFlix HQ App

With your VPN enabled, you can now open up the FreeFlix HQ app and use it freely. You can select everything from TV shows, anime, Live TV, movies, and so much more. On the main menu, you can select some of the most popular shows.

You can also select the filter option, located on the top right-hand corner of the screen. Once selected, you can choose the server (using the pull-down menu). You can also filter TV shows based on various pull-down menus. You can filter them by genre, years, and sort by various categories such as the shows that you watch the most, latest additions, and more.

There are various servers you can choose from depending on what you want to watch. For example, you can select servers that host movies. There are also servers that host TV shows that you can watch as well. Keep in mind that there are multiple servers to select from. So if one server isn’t working, choose another.

To give you a quick guide on which servers are which, movies are found on Servers 1 through 5, while Servers 6 through 10 will have TV shows. You can also check the server status. If the server status bar is filled fully in red, you’ll get better streaming options (but the less red they are, the less likely you’ll get good streaming quality).

Is it possible to watch FreeFlix HQ without ads?

The short answer: yes.

The long answer, you can definitely enjoy watching FreeFlix HQ without the ads. However, it does come with a price.

By default, the app is ad-supported because it needs to keep up with their expenses including overhead. However, if you want to watch tv and movies ad-free, it will cost you $10. You can send it to them via PayPal.

You can access this option by using the Hamburger Menu on the top left-hand corner of the app’s home screen. From there, you can select the ‘Settings’ option and select the ‘Remove Ads (PayPal)’ option. You make a $10 donation and it should be enough to remove the ads for a better viewing experience.

Can you watch FreeFlix HQ on an External Media Player?

You can watch FreeFlix HQ on an external media player. In fact, the app is supported by almost every media player available. What you need to do is enable this via the settings app. Access it by clicking on the Hamburger Menu and select ‘Settings’. From there, you can select the ‘Use External Video Player’ option.

It will show you a list of media players that are installed on your FireStick or FireTV.

Are there alternatives to FreeFlix HQ?

There are many apps that are considered viable alternatives to FreeFlix HQ. With these apps, you can watch movies, tv shows, and live TV.

These apps include but are not limited to:

  • RedBox
  • Peacock TV
  • Live Net TV
  • CatMouse APK
  • Cinema HD
  • and more

Keep in mind that almost all of these apps are downloaded through a third-party source. So be sure that your FireStick or FireTV has the ‘third-party apps’ option enabled. You can download them using the Downloader app that is available on the FireStick/FireTV app store.

You can find installation guides for these respective apps online. Try out one of these apps for yourself if you find that FreeFlix HQ may not be the best option for you (or if you are not happy with the viewing options that are available).

FreeFlix HQ FAQs

Here are some of the frequently asked questions that FreeFlix HQ users have asked regarding the app itself and how to use it:

Is FreeFlix HQ free for FireStick?

Yes. It is free for those who use the FireStick device. No need to pay for it (other than wanting to watch your favorite shows and movies ad-free for a $10 PayPal donation).

Is FreeFlix HQ safe to use?

It is safe to use as long as you are using a working VPN. So make sure that your VPN is turned on before you use the app itself.

What VPNs should I use for FreeFlix HQ?

While there are plenty of VPNs for you to choose from, it’s important to find one that works best. Keep in mind that almost every VPN will need you to enroll for a subscription prior to downloading the app on your FireStick or FireTV. Express VPN is one of our recommended choices.

It has a dedicated app that you can download from the Fire TV app store. Once installed, you can enter your login information and turn on the VPN before using the FreeFlix HQ app to watch tv shows and more.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for an app that will have all your favorite movies, TV shows, and live TV channels in one place, check out FreeFlix HQ. You can download this onto your FireStick or Fire TV for free. It will be the best tv streaming experience you have to date. Remember to enable your favorite VPN before running the app to ensure privacy and safety.

Installing the app is easy and can be done in two separate ways. Use the installation process that works best for you. Download this app, choose something to watch, sit back, and enjoy.

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