Easy Fire TV Guru Build Install Directions & Review

Last Updated on October 19, 2021

These days, using individual add-ons with Kodi can get extremely frustrating, especially since it seems like add-ons disappear nearly every week. This is just one of the many reasons that users are configuring their Kodi media player with Kodi builds. A “build” is a way to refresh your Kodi version. They are typically created by external developers and have a unique look. This includes a variety of pre-installed add-ons and sources that allow you to enjoy your content immediately.

One of the most well-known Kodi builds is the Fire TV Guru. It has been in existence since Kodi Jarvis. It’s simple and lightweight, and still includes most of the best Kodi add-ons in all of the typical categories. This build resembles Kodi Jarvis and is easy to use. It includes the ability to search and makes it very simple to find the best links to a variety of Kodi add-ons.

This guide will explain everything you need to know regarding the Fire TV Guru build, including how to download and install it and what you can expect to find when you search through it.

Installing Fire TV Guru Build on Kodi Instructions

A Kodi build can be installed in a way that is similar to that of most other unofficial add-ons. You will need to download the unofficial source, followed by the add-on.

firetv guru build

You will then need to follow the explicit instructions provided on the screen to actually install the build. If this seems like it might get complicated, we’ve provided step-by-step instructions to guide you through this process.

You will need to have a VPN installed before you start this process. We cover why you need a VPN and choosing the right one later in the article!

1) Start by opening Kodi.
2) Click the “Settings” icon at the top left of the screen. This looks like a gear wheel.
3) Scroll to the bottom of the “Settings” menu and select “File Manager”.
4) Double click on “Add Source”
5) A box will pop up. In that box, click the text bar that says” <None> and enter this URL: https://firetvguru.net/fire and click “OK”.
6) You will be asked to name the source, use something like “Fire TV Guru” and click “OK”
7) At this point, you’ll go back to the Kodi Home Page and choose “Add-ons”
8) Click the “Add-on” icon, which is found in the top left of the screen and looks like an open box.
9) Choose “Install from zip file” and click on “Fire TV Guru”
10) Then choose the file named “repository.firetvguru.zip”
11) Once the Fire TV Guru repository installation has completed, you’ll receive a notification in the top right corner of the screen.
12) Go back to “Add-on Browser” menu and choose “Install from Repository”
13) Scroll down to “Fire TV Guru Repository”.
14) Open repository and choose “Program Add-ons” and “Fire TV Wizard.”
15) Choose “Install” and wait until you receive a notification that the add-on has been enabled. This will come through in the top right corner of the screen.
16) You will have a few pop-ups appear regarding the installation, which can be ignored, as the relevant data will be asked for in the full installation process.
17) Go back to the home screen and choose “Program Add-ons”. Choose “Fire TV Wizard Add-on”.
18) Select “Builds” and then choose the best one for your device.
19) You will be given the option between a “Standard Install” or a “Fresh Start then Install”. It is recommended that you choose the fresh start option to wipe away any previous settings of past builds.
20) Choose “Continue” and select a server to install the Fire TV Guru build on your device.
21) Once the download completes, apply the new settings by doing a “Force Close” on Kodi by clicking “OK”
22) When Kodi restarts, the new build will load.

Before Downloading, Install a VPN

Whether you are using Kodi with the Fire TV Guru build or another build or add-on, it is always a good idea to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). This is due to the fact that many of the Kodi add-ons allow you to access copyrighted content, which is illegal in many countries. In fact, some Kodi users have received legal notices and face sanctions for using them.

However, a VPN can protect users by hiding their IP address and encrypting the data that is going through their lines. This masks the identity of the Kodi users and decreases the risk of legal ramifications. There are many different VPNs on the market and not all are suited for use with Kodi. Therefore, when choosing the best VPN, you should keep the following in mind.

How to Choose a VPN?

Connection Speeds

In order to stream content, you need a fast connection. However, some VPNs will slow these speeds down. Always choose the fastest VPN possible when using Kodi.

Encryption/Privacy Settings

In order to be protected, you need to make sure that you have maximum privacy and security precautions. Therefore, you should only choose a VPN that offers strong encryption and privacy provisions you can count on.

Data/Traffic Restrictions

Many VPNs put restrictions on data and traffic usage. However, Kodi add-ons use a variety of file types and streaming uses lots of data, you want to make sure that there are no restrictions on these areas.

Broad Server Availability

Some VPNs don’t have many servers, which means they have slower connection speeds- but with Kodi, you need those fast speeds. Therefore, the more servers a VPN has, the faster the speed will be and the more international content you will have access to.

Review of Fire TV Guru Kodi Build

Since Kodi 16 Jarvis, the Fire TV Guru Kodi build has been quite popular. Even as Kodi 17 Krypton rolls out, it still remains a favorite among Kodi users.

It is updated regularly

Although the Fire TV Guru build has been around for some time, it continues to be well maintained and updated on a regular basis.

At the moment, there are a lot of turnover add-ons with Kodi, which means the add-ons for Fire TV Guru are also changing regularly. This is where users of Fire TV Guru build benefit from the fact that it’s updated on a regular basis to keep up with changes in the Kodi community.

It doesn’t take up too much space

Plus, it doesn’t take up a lot of room on your device. There are plenty of sections and add-ons, but it’s not weighed down with backdrops, widgets, etc. that overcomplicate things.

This build includes just a few of the add-ons for each section, which means that it’s small enough to run on all devices, even Firesticks, which don’t have much storage capacity. It also ensures that Fire TV Guru is easy to navigate.

Design and usability

The layout design is simple and for those that are familiar with Kodi 16 Jarvis, it will look quite familiar. The main menu is on the bottom of the screen and breaks the various add-ons down into categories. These include Live Streams, Music/Streams, Movies, Kids Corner, TV Shows, Sports Center, and All-in-One.

As you scroll through each menu, you’ll see a list of the add-ons that you can choose from in that category. Additionally, on the main Kodi desktop, you’ll find a variety of shortcuts for the other add-ons.

While it’s true that you can enter each one of the add-ons individually, the most ideal way to source content is by clicking on the main menu. This opens up a section packed with content that includes a search feature.

For example, if you’re interested in watching a movie, click on “Movies” and you’ll be taken to a screen filled with thumbnails of the latest available films. Then, click on the left and search what is available based on title, genre, release year, popularity, and more.

Once you choose a movie and press play, the Fire TV Guru build automatically searches for links. Choose the link you wish to watch, and it will play. The search feature is quick and responsive and is a great way to quickly find the content you want.


For a long time, when it came to Kodi builds, the Fire TV Guru build has been one of the most popular. And for good reason. After all, the design is nice, it’s lightweight, and it provides Kodi users with just about everything they could ever need.

The download and installation process is fairly simple and straightforward and once you get it downloaded and installed, it’s very user-friendly. The layout is easy to navigate and has a search ability to help you find exactly what you want or need.

There have not been many complaints regarding the Fire TV Guru build, and based on the information provided today, this seems like it might continue to be that way.