How to Download Exodus Live TV Apk on Firestick?

Last Updated on September 9, 2021

Firestick has gained immense popularity over the past few years. It is a device that you can plug into your TV sets and watch movies or live sports on various streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc.

To download Exodus Live TV Apk on Firestick, you need to follow the steps:

  • Connect your Firestick to a Wifi network
  • Choose the “search” option
  • Search for the Downloader app and select it
  • Click Download to install Downloader on Firestick

In this article, we will discuss how to Download Exodus Live TV Apk for Firestick. There are many features to Firestick, but today, we will be focusing more on Download Exodus Live TV Apk for Fire Stick.

Downloading Exodus Live TV Apk on Firestick

To Download Exodus Live TV Apk for Firestick, you need a good internet connection with fast speed. Many websites offer the latest Kodi add-ons, but some of these sites might be blocked in your country or region due to copyright infringement etc.

Hence it is recommended that you Download Exodus Live TV on Firestick from its source. After Downloading the APK file successfully, click the Install button and wait until the add-on installation completes.

The next step is opening the app menu and clicking the add-on browser option. All installed apps appear as icons after successfully installing any add-on on the Firestick device.

How Do I Install Exodus Live TV?

To install Exodus Live TV add-on, Download Exodus Live TV APK on Firestick and install it. Download Exodus Live TV APK by following the below steps:

  • Download and open it
  • Click on settings to change Download location as you desire, let us say in a folder named Exodus on firestick drive D:\Downloads\. Choose any you like
  • Now click Open Download Location from the top right corner of the Downloader (D) icon and download the Exodus APK file directly into that downloaded folder where we just changed our default download location
  • After installing the add-on successfully, open the app menu, then click the add-on browser to find all installed add-ons in a list form

With Downloader, we need not change our default Download location because it will take your file directly into that Download folder of D drive, just like in the case of Kodi.

After installing successfully with Downloader Kodi on Firestick, open the Add-ons browser from the left bottom corner and find Exodus listed there as a repo source already installed there for easy access.

What Are the Features of Exodus APK Live TV

The Exodus Live TV App is a new Kodi add-on. It allows users to stream live TV channels on their Android devices using the resources of the well-known Exodus developers. Some of the features of Exodus APK Live TV include:

  • Exodus Live TV Apk allows users to access more than 1000 channels, which are all completely free
  • The app allows anyone to switch between their favorite English-speaking or international television stations with easily navigable channels
  • Exodus Live TV enables you to quickly find your preferred channel by entering its number or scrolling through the filters tab, which caters to an extensive range of categories
  • Newscasts, sports, religion, music, and entertainment selections are just a few options. With Exodus Live TV being similar in many ways to a normal cable box but dissimilar in others!

Popular channels include HBO, Disney, HSN, CBS, TNT, Lifetime, ESPN, and many more.

The Pros and Cons of Exodus Live TV APK

The Exodus Live TV app is a great streaming tool, but it does have its downsides. Downloading the APK from your Firestick has many benefits as well as drawbacks.

The pros of Exodus Live TV APK include:

  • One advantage of downloading Exodus Live TV onto Firestick is that you can watch all content offline with no internet connection or data usage required.
  • No ads while watching movies/TV shows
  • Download Movies/TV Shows for offline viewing at no cost (requires an internet connection to initially download content)
  • It supports Chromecast so that you can cast videos directly to larger screens like TVs and projectors

The cons of Exodus Live TV APK include:

  • This benefit comes at a cost: HD quality is limited to 720p on any device other than iOS and Android mobile devices, which are limited to 1080p maximum resolution when using an external device such as Amazon Fire TV Stick.
  • This could result in slow buffering times if your home network setup cannot support these high-quality resolutions
  • Additionally, while download permission for apps like Exodus Live TV APK requires you to allow third-party downloads from unknown sources, this is a security risk
  • Downloading apps that Google Play has not vetted can result in malware being downloaded onto your Firestick or other devices, which will be executed the next time you turn on and log into your device without any permission required
  • Requires installation outside Google Play Store
  • It costs money if you choose not to use the free version Limitations
  • Downloading movies is limited
  • Downloaded content can only be viewed on Exodus Live TV and cannot transfer downloaded files to other apps or devices

Now it’s up to you whether these benefits outweigh the potential risks of using an APK outside official app stores. But keep in mind that Exodus Live TV only provides access to content for which it has obtained permission from copyright owners.

Related Questions

Here are some related questions about downloading Exodus Live TV APK for your Firestick.

What is APK?

APK stands for Android application package, a file format used to distribute and install mobile apps on the Android operating system.

An APK file can be installed on an Android device in one of two ways:

  • By using an app store that supports sideloading
  • By transferring it from another source such as your computer, SD card storage, email attachment, etc., so long as you have Unknown Sources enabled within Settings

The process works similarly to iOS devices, except you cannot transfer files via iTunes (Apple does not allow this).

Is Kodi the Same As Exodus Live TV?

Downloading Kodi will result in copyright violation if it happens to be pirated within the files because downloading videos is considered a copyright violation.

XBMC Foundation is the non-profit technology consortium responsible for creating Kodi, a free and open-source media player software application. The application runs on multiple systems and hardware platforms with a 10-foot user interface designed to be used with televisions and remote controls.

Is It Safe To Download Exodus Live TV APK or Kodi?

The process of downloading APK files is also called sideloading or sideloading. This refers to installing a non-market application outside of the Google Play Store without any official support from the manufacturer.

This means if there are issues with your Android device, it may become difficult (or even impossible) to resolve them because only authorized manufacturers will provide technical assistance in this case. Enabling Unknown Sources within Settings allows apps downloaded from anywhere other than Google play store, like APK files, to be installed on the device.

You might be wondering if it is safe to download APK apps from third-party sources such as cloud TV and Pro Sport. There’s no need for worry because they usually contain only two options: Install (to install an app) and Update (if already previously installed).

It should also be noted that most of these add-ons come with repositories. These allow users to browse different categories within a single interface.

How Do I Download World TV on Android?

We can download tons of popular TV channels from the cloud server. Using a good VPN is also recommended to protect your privacy online. Especially if you plan on streaming geo-restricted content.

To download WorldTV on Android, follow these steps:

  • Open the VPN app on your phone and connect to one of our US servers
  • Download WorldTV (or open it if you already have it) from Google Play Store
  • On WorldTV, tap “Server” in the top right corner and select Server USA_NYC or USA_LA, depending on which city you are connecting from

Wait for a few minutes while the streaming starts automatically after choosing Server. Enjoy!

Which App Is Best for Live TV?

Exodus Live TV APK and WorldTV give users access to thousands of different movies and shows in HD quality without paying anything extra!

Just install it like any other add-on onto Kodi or Firestick. It should also be noted that most of these add-ons come with repositories that allow users to browse different categories within a single interface.


Installing Exodus Live TV APK for your Firestick can be done in just a few easy steps and the benefits of this streaming App are plentiful. Be sure to follow directions when downloading and installing and beware of some specific add-ons for their disadvantages.

You can find it by searching for the Downloader app and installing this on your Firestick. This will allow you to install Exodus Live TV Apk or the Kodi add-on with many popular video streaming channels, including movies in theaters, live sports events, and more!