How to Watch Hotstar on Firestick

Last Updated on October 29, 2020

This guide illustrates how to install Hotstar on Firestick and Fire TV. The app can also be installed on Firestick 4k, Android TV, Android TV Box, Android smartphone, Fire TV Cube, Nvidia Shield, or any other Android device.

The advancement of technology has been a lot beneficial for society as a whole. Definitely, it has its own cons too but for now, we will look at the good and brighter side.

Till a few years back, Television and cable networks were on peak but after a while, the outbreak of Internet and time constraints lead to the rise of features like online streaming, IPTV, etc which basically changed the whole scene or way of consuming content.

As of today, there’s no more requirement of having a cable subscription, as you have platforms like Hotstar. It has thousands of hours of content which you can stream almost anytime and anywhere.

The only downside is that Hotstar is restricted to the Indian subcontinent and a few other regions only but you need not worry as in this article we will also discuss the way through which you can stream the Hotstar content in blocked or geo-restricted regions.

What is Hotstar?


Hotstar is a very popular video streaming service owned by Star Plus. The app is used very much in places like India, Nepal, and Pakistan. In very simple words, Hotstar is the Indian Netflix that we content buff badly crave for.

The reason why Hotstar is so popular in India is due to the fact that it has a lot of Indian content in its collection.

Where many other similar streaming services are just focusing upon international released shows and movies, Hotstar is primarily focusing more on the Indian content. This is a very great marketing move, making Hotstar one of the favorites among the nation.

A major chunk of its content in the collection is free of cost to watch. Did we forget to mention that Hotstar is the official digital cricket broadcaster for India? You can easily watch cricket matches with a delay of 5 minutes. Even the subscription packages cost a lot lesser in comparison to the internationally acclaimed streaming services.

The upcoming IPL and Formula 1 event can also be live-streamed through Hotstar. Hotstar is one of the best ways to watch your favorite shows, movies, documentaries, and lots more without having any cable connection.

Before we Install Hotstar on Firestick let me show you some amazing features offers by Hotstar App on firestick.

Features of Hotstar on Firestick

Hotstar has been developed keeping in mind the Indian audience and because India is in developing state even in terms of Internet coverage, the developers have created the app in such a manner that it would work flawlessly even on 2G connections. But, for the best output, it’s recommended to run the app on a minimum 3G connection.

Hotstar allows you to watch and download the content for offline viewing. It features its own inbuilt downloader. So, there’s no tension of saving the content in some other storage location.

The video quality options of the app are just amazing. You can choose the most appropriate option as per your Internet bandwidth and connection speed. We recommend you to select the “Auto Quality” option, as through this the system will automatically select the best video quality experience for your viewing as per different factors. So, no tension of manually adjusting the video quality.

Hotstar is a dynamic app. Thus, its content is updated almost on an everyday basis. By the time, you finish reading up this point, there would have been a lot of new additions in the collection.

Lots and lots of Indian content are available on the platform as we already discussed, it’s targeted more towards the Indian audience. Right from your daily sitcoms to Bollywood movies, it has got you covered with everything that is “Indian”.

Not only Indian, it even sports international movies and shows. Right from Hollywood blockbusters to American television series. Popular mentions include Game of Thrones, Gravity, etc.

It even lets you live stream sports content. Right from football matches to F1 racing event and IPL.

Most of its content is available for free consumption. The other locked or premium ones can be streamed by subscribing to the available subscription packages. The best part is that these packages are very much affordable and due to its target towards the Indian market, it’s one of the cheapest worldwide in comparison to other top streaming options.

To make your searching and filtration easier, it has got its smart and advanced search features, making it simple to find your desired content in the least time possible.

How to Install Hotstar on Firestick

Hotstar app is available on Amazon AppStore so we can download it easily. In case if you are new to Fire TV  platform then follow step-by-step instructions below.

  • Open up your Firestick device.
  • Directly ahead to the Amazon app store or get to your Firestick Home.
  • On the top left corner, click on the Search icon.

  • Type in Hotstar and click on enter.
  • From the available options, select the right Hotstar app option.

Hotstar app on firestick

  • Click on Get or Download option.

hotstar for firestick

  • Wait for the download to finish. It may take a while depending upon your connection speed.
  • Once the download is completed, click on the Open button.
  • Boom! The service would now start functioning. Just register for an account through any of the options available out there. Once logged in, you are ready to watch your favorite content.

How to Watch Hotstar Outside India?

Other than India, Hotstar works in a few other nations too, the US, being one of them. But, the service’s subscription prices are a lot higher in the US as compared to India, and similarly is the case with few other places too, forget about the places where Hotstar doesn’t even work.

If you are outside India, and no matter whether Hotstar is supported or not in your region, we recommend you to use it only with the help of a VPN. The subscription packages cost a lot lesser in India and are affordable for most. Use a powerful and stable VPN! Load an Indian server and in no time, you would be running on an IP address of India.

Last Updated on October 29, 2020

The VPN we Suggest

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The Firestick users can now stream all types of content right from documentaries to shows and movies under one roof only. The best part about Hotstar is that it’s a made in India initiative and is being a lot successful in the market.

We hope that the article would have helped you gain insight on the right way to install Hotstar on Firestick for free of cost. It even has sports content in regional languages, which was one of our most favorite features.

Being a sports addict, we are streaming sports matches and events every now and then. The service is updated regularly and a major chunk of its content is free to stream and hopefully will remain the same in the future too.