How to Install HD Moviebox on FireStick

In this article, we will show you How to Install HD Movie Box on FireStick. Note that the installation steps will also work with Fire TV Cube, Fire TV (Gen 3), Fire TV Edition smart TVs/soundbars, and other devices with Fire TV built-in.

There are plenty of streaming apps that offer the latest movies and series in high-definition for free. Amazon Firestick users can install them to stream freely available content without paying for a subscription.

However, most of the original streaming apps have stopped working and are replaced with clone apps that use the same source code, giving users more options for media consumption. Then again, clones don’t get updates forever, so none of them are reliable solutions.

If you are looking for a new streaming app, then try out HD Movie Box. It receives regular updates from the developer and is currently on version 1.0.5. Considering that it hosts free content, the in-app advertisements are less frequent than most other third-party streaming apps.

You can follow this guide to install HD Movie Box on Firestick. We have also talked about various features of the HD Movie Box app in detail, and we recommend you to try it out on your Fire TV device immediately.

What is HD Movie Box?

HD MovieBox is a third-party streaming app that hosts a sizeable collection of movies and TV shows. It is a clone of the popular streaming app named Bee TV, which isn’t properly working at the time of this writing.

HD Movie Box sources a list of the latest movies and TV shows from websites like IMDb, including posters, descriptions, and ratings. Then it uses web scraper libraries to search for torrents and direct stream links that are hosted on publicly accessible websites.

You can stream the latest content in up to 1080p Full-HD resolution. However, thanks to its integration of Real-Debrid, AllDebrid, and Premiumize services, HD Movies Box can also offer your favorite films and TV series in up to 2160p Ultra HD resolution. It’s worth mentioning that you will need a Firestick 4K, compatible 4K TV, and a high-speed internet connection to stream Ultra HD content. users can also take advantage of Trakt integration on HD Movie Box, synchronizing watchlists and favorites across several streaming apps and services.

Alongside regular content, HD MovieBox offers Anime and other animated films and series for streaming. Exclusive Indian web series and Bollywood movies are also available to watch on HD Movie Box. PPV broadcasts of WWE and UFC fights can be streamed as well.

User customization on HD Movie Box is exceptional. It does support closed captioning, and the app lets you export and import personal watchlist and history. External player support is here too. HD Moviebox is also compatible with Android TV devices, so remote navigation on Fire TV works without any issues.

Features of HD Movie Box

  • You can stream thousands of latest and classic movies and TV series on HD Movie Box.
  • With third-party integrations on HD Movie Box, it’s possible to stream content in up to 4K Ultra HD resolution.
  • You can watch your favorite Netflix, Prime Video, FX, HBO, BBC, and CW shows for free on HD Movie Box.
  • HD Movie Box has the same user interface as Bee TV, and it is compatible with the Fire TV Voice Remote.
  • You get a lot of customization options and tweaks to play with.

How to Install HD Movie Box on Firestick?

⚠️Important Note for FireStick Users

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HD Movie Box is a third-party, unverified app, which isn’t available on the Amazon Appstore for Fire TV devices. You can still use the app on your Firestick by sideloading the APK file manually. If you are unaware of the sideloading process on Firestick, then carefully follow the steps below to install HD MovieBox on firestick.

Step #1: Enable third-party app sideloading

To install HD Movie Box, you will have to enable a developer option first, which will allow you sideload APK files just like any other Android device. However, the option is visible to every Fire TV user by default, unlike regular Android OS. Simply follow the steps to enable the developer option:

  • Navigate up to the tabs on the Fire TV home screen and highlight the Settings.
  • Now scroll over to the My Fire TV or Device option in the menu. If your Firestick is running the latest version of Fire OS, then the option should be called Device & Software.

My Fire TV

  • Then select Developer options from the next page, and click Apps from Unknown Sources in the following menu.
  • A warning pop-up will appear on the screen regarding the adverse effects of installing apps from unknown sources on your device. Click Turn On to close the pop-up and enable third-party app sideloading on your Firestick.

Turn On

Please note that HD Movie Box is a safe app to install. However, we advise Firestick users to proceed at their own discretion.

Step #2: Install Downloader app

To download the HD Movie Box APK file, you will need the Downloader app on Firestick. It is the only app available in the Amazon Appstore that lets you download files from the web on a Fire TV device. Here’s how to install it from the Amazon Appstore:

  • On the Fire TV home screen, click the hand lens icon in the top-left corner. It will open up the search menu.
  • Now manually enter “Downloader” in the search menu or use the voice search feature to find the Downloader app.
  • After that, select Downloader from the search menu suggestions.


  • Move down to the Apps & Games category on the search results screen and click the Downloader app logo.
  • On the Amazon Appstore download page, click Get or Download under the app description. Downloader will be installed on your Firestick in a few minutes.

You can now click on Open to launch Downloader and follow the final set of steps to download and sideload the HD Movie Box APK file on your Firestick.

Step #3: Sideload HD Moviebox on Firestick

It’s straightforward to sideload HD Movie Box on Firestick via the Downloader app. Please do the following:

  • Click Allow to give Downloader read and write permissions upon launching the app for the first time.
  • Again, click OK to close the update changelog prompt.
  • Now select the URL bar on Downloader’s Home page and type in this download link:

HD Movie box on Firestick

  • Click Go once you enter the link. The HD Movie Box APK file will start downloading on its own.
  • The Android installer will pop-up automatically after the APK finishes downloading. Click Install to sideload HD Movie Box on Firestick.

install HD Moviebox on Firestick

  • Click Done when you see the “App Installed” message in the pop-up installer window. You will be sent back to the Downloader app again. Make sure to Delete the APK file to free up storage space on your Firestick.

To launch the HD Movie Box, return to the Fire TV home screen, and navigate down to Your Apps & Channels category. If you don’t see the app in the first row of the category, then click See All to extend the category list. From there, you can open up HD Movie Box and enjoy streaming movies and TV shows.

A Quick Tour of HD Moviebox on Firestick

HD Movie Box will ask you for access to the internal storage so that you can download subtitles. Click Allow to continue. Then, you can choose either MX player or VLC player as your default player.

Moviebox on Firestick

You can continue with ExoPlayer as well. You can change it later from the settings menu. Finally, you will be prompted to select your subtitle language.

Once you go through the first-time setup, you will get a first look at the dark interface of HD Movie Box. You can bring up the sidebar by clicking the sandwich icon in the top menu bar. The sidebar consists of a few options, which are Editor’s Choice, TV Shows, Movies, HD Releases, Hindi Movies, Anime, Calendar, History, Watchlist, Collection, and Settings.

overview of HD Movie Box on Firestick

The TV Shows page opens up by default when you launch the app. You can click the down-arrow icon next to the Discover option in the top menu bar to select a different category, which includes Trending, Popular, Top Rated, Airing Today, etc. The same goes for the Movies page.

You can also click the reversed pyramid icon above to sort movies or TV shows by the year of release. You will also find the search option next to the year filter.

In the Editor’s Choice category, you will find shortlists of TV shows and sports content from Netflix, BBC One, HBO, FX, CW, Amazon, WWE & UFC, etc.

The Calendar gives you a detailed TV broadcasting schedule of upcoming episodes from your favorite shows so that you don’t miss out. When you select a movie or TV series to watch, you can click the bookmark icon in the menu bar to add it to your Watchlist, which you can access from the sidebar. The Collection page works only when you log in with your Trakt account.

From the Settings menu, you can change the default page and categories, as well as hide the posters or control the poster size. You can also clear your search history and watchlists. From the Account section in the settings menu, you get the options to log in to Real-Debrid, AllDebrid, Premiumize, or services.

As previously mentioned, you can choose your default media player and toggle on autoplay as well. Furthermore, it’s possible to configure the subtitle size and color from the Subtitles section.

In case you encounter aspect ratio issues, then enable “Force Landscape Mode on Android TV” from the settings menu. It will force the app to render in landscape mode, which will fix the weird aspect ratio bug.

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Wrapping Up

This guide covers every small detail about HD Movie Box on Firestick. You can enjoy binge-watching your favorite film or TV series on the app once you follow the straightforward installation process in this guide.