How to Download & Install Ultrasurf for Firestick/Fire TV? – Ultimate Guide

Last Updated on October 18, 2021

In recent years, streaming content through technologies like Amazon Firestick and FireTV has surged in popularity. And it’s no wonder. Not only can you stream TV, movies, and sports through your SmartTV, but install apps, play games, and even set schedules.

However, there is something that can make your experience with the Firestick even better. Using a free proxy tool like Ultrasurf VPN will allow you to get past firewalls and access blocked content, such as country-specific streaming and geo-restricted apps.

Firestick/FireTV users might want to consider some security concerns for using these streaming services. And UltraSurf VPN is one solution to this issue.

However, as this VPN is not available on the Amazon Store, you might be wondering how to install it. It’s actually easier than you think!

Steps to Install Ultrasurf VPN on Firestick/FireTV

Below, you will find instructions on installing UltraSurf VPN on your Firestick and FireTV.

Before you start:

When you install Ultrasurf VPN it will appear as a third-party app. To make sure your Firestick will allow the VPN do the following:

  1. Go to Settings on your Firestick
  2. Click on My Fire TV/Device
  3. Choose option ‘“Developer”
  4. Turn on ADB Debugging
  5. Enable “Apps for Unknown Sources”

Download Ultrasurf VPN with Downloader app:

  1. Load Firestick and open the main menu
  2. Click “Search” and enter “Downloader” in the search field
  3. Once you’ve found the tool, choose “Get” and the app will be added to the Firestick or FireTV
  4. Open Downloader, which allows you to download third-party apps unavailable on the Amazon store
  5. Enter the link: to download the UltraSurf APK
  6. Once you have typed the link, the web browser on Firestick/FireTV will load and you will be taken to the website to download the app
  7. Click on “Download” and the Downloader should find the file and download it to the Firestick/FireTV
  8. Once the APK is downloaded, installation will begin. Simply follow the prompts and it will be added to your tools
  9. Now, UltraSurf VPN will be available on your device — When you’re ready, open it and once connected, streaming will be encrypted

UltraSurf VPN Pros and Cons

While UltraSurf might not be the most well-known option out there, it is a solid choice for Firestick users.


  • No registration necessary – Skip annoying and stressful logins and trials
  • Unlock geo-specific apps – Stream content or download apps that are usually not available in your region
  • Established company – By modern technological standards, this company is ancient, since they have been around since 2001. It began in mainland China as a method of getting around censorship by offering IP anonymization and encryption and is still used in that way.
  • It’s free – At this time, UltraSurf is free
  • It protects your data – Ultrasurf VPN creates a secure tunnel for you to navigate the internet. While the data still passes between central servers and user computers, it’s encrypted and hides your IP address.


  • Not approved – The most significant issue with UltraSurf VPN is that there is not a dedicated client for Amazon Firestick/ FireTV. There are plenty of other options in the Amazon OS library that have been approved and UltraSurf is not one. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t be used.
  • Speeds can be inconsistent – Speeds can sometimes be slow and inconsistent

Why Use a VPN with Amazon Firestick/FireTV?

Before we look at the security offered by UltraSurf, let’s discuss why VPNs, or Virtual Private Networks, are significant for users of Firestick/FireTV.

ultrasurf vpn logo

Amazon’s Firestick/ FireTV provides users with access to a considerable library of streaming content from legal sources such as HBO Now, Netflix, ESPN, and so many more.

However, Firestick and FireTV do have some limitations.

Firestick doesn’t let you access geo-locked content

For example, Firestick/FireTV owners are not able to access all of the content on Netflix. Depending on local demand and copyright issues, there are different libraries for different countries. This means that when you travel abroad, you may find that some of your favorite shows are not available. Additionally, you may be unable to access some services. However, a VPN can help solve this issue by routing the traffic through American servers.

A VPN helps you hide your activity

Firestick/FireTV can be used to access less legit streaming services and libraries, such as Kodi. These services and/or libraries are not always 100% legit and legal. If you install a VPN on your Firestick/FireTV, you can hide your activities from outsiders, which decreases the risk that law enforcement and/or copyright holders can examine your habits. While it’s not the best idea to illegally stream, a VPN is critical if you plan to.

How does a VPN solve these issues?

There are two things accomplished by using a VPN server:

  • Changes your IP address, obscuring your real one. This means that your location and identity are hidden from the online service that you are using.
  • Your ISP is only able to see that you are connected to a VPN, but not able to see your destination.
    This means that you are able to get around any blocking based on your location imposed by the ISP or content platform.

Is UltraSurf VPN a viable option for Firestick/FireTV?

Now that you have installed UltraSurf VPN on your Firestick/FireTV, why not try it out and see if it works for you?

While it has great positives of bypassing blocked content and firewalls, remember to stay aware of the disadvantages of this app too.

As it’s free, like many free digital products, it could be a gateway for commodification and data sharing. Commodification is the idea that a user is the product, which means developers look for creative ways to obtain value from them.

Since UltraSurf began, the motivation for collecting data and selling it to third parties has dramatically increased. Therefore, they are no longer primarily about anti-censorship.

According to the UltraSurf website, they collect 30 days of user data. This isn’t typically how VPNs work. Additionally, the service is based in the United States and promises to comply with any and all legal requests.

This means that illicit streaming is a bigger risk. Therefore, why would you take the risk when there are plenty of VPNs available in safe jurisdictions?


While it’s true that UltraSurf VPN might not be the best option for hiding your location and what you are doing online, it’s still a good one. Due to the volume of content that is off-limits based on your location and the privacy concerns for services such as Kodi, it’s a no-brainer to download and use a VPN such as UltraSurf VPN.