How to Change or Rename Amazon FireStick Device Name? – A Definitive Guide

Last Updated on August 6, 2021

It’s something that all humans want to do; rename our devices. We might change the typical ‘Playstation 4 account’ to ‘David’s Account.’ We change our Netflix login names to our names and personalized logos. We rename our devices for ease, clarity and hey, because it’s fun.

For example, an account that the family uses around the house might be renamed ‘family account’ to separate it from another account that only Dad gets to use. Humans name things for a lot of reasons, with the primary reason being to help us understand what we are talking about. For example, you might scratch your head when a ‘four legged, furry mammal’ is described to you, but will instantly recognize the word dog.

We name things to make them unique, give them personality and express our ownership. Such as having Mike the dog. Mike belongs to our family and he is ours, and it’s all because of his name. After all, there’s no dog like him if you compare his name to all the others.

Naming your Amazon FireStick is no different. Whether you want to give it a name so it is easier to find, to express your creativity, or solidify your ownership over it, here’s how to name your Amazon FireStick.

What Is A FireStick?

The Amazon Firestick is not only the newest way to have all your TV in one place, but also a great way to take your TV anywhere. You can connect this device to your Amazon account and then log in to see all your applications and also all of your entertainment options. This device allows you to not only have accounts such as Netflix, Amazon originals from Prime, and your other favorite apps, it also lets you pay for the things you do want.

If you want Disney+ and ESPN, but not Hulu, then you can make those separate purchases. Then you won’t be locked into a bundle paying for things you do not want. It’s a great way to customize your experience, and can keep you swimming in all the entertainment options you could want.

First, Install Your FireStick

Of course, before you can name your FireStick you need to install it first. This is done by plugging it into the television’s HDMI port and then logging into your Amazon account. After this is done, you will be able to use the included remote control to turn it on, and access all your apps, entertainment, and devices.

There’s plenty of guides on how to install your FireStick online, so we won’t go through it here.

How To Rename Your FireStick?

Once you’ve activated your FireStick, then you will probably see that your device has a pretty standard name. If you want to rename it to something more personal, then you have a few options to do so. First, you will need to locate the name of the device you want to change. Ordinarily, this is very simple, but if you have multiple Amazon Firestick devices, then you will need to pick the one you want to rename.

Step by Step Process –

  1. You need to head to the ‘Settings’ tab on the Fire TV Stick application, and then Navigate to the ‘My Fire TV’ app. You will be able to click on the ‘Fire TV Stick’ and then go to the ‘Device Name Section.’ After that, you will be able to find the assigned name to your device.
  2. Once you find the name, you need to go to the Amazon website and sign into your account.
  3. At the bottom of the page there is a title called ‘Manage Content and Devices.’
  4. Click on ‘Your Devices’ and click on your device’s name.
  5. A panel will open that says ‘Edit’ and then you can type in whatever name you would like for your device.
  6. Save the name, and the next time you use your FireStick remote you will have the renamed device.

You can also change the name on your phone as well, following the same directions on the Amazon App. Find ‘Your Devices’, click on the name, and edit it before saving. Easy peasy and pretty simple to do.

What Should I Name My Device?

Well, your Firestick has a purpose and possibly a specific room or device that it is attuned to. It is best to rename it to something that fits your specific device or its purpose. For example, if you have a FireStick that you primarily use in the bedroom, you might rename it to ‘Bedroom Entertainment.’ If you have a FireStick that is for portable use, you might rename it to ‘Traveling FireStick.’

Even a simple name like ‘My FireStick’ can do in a pinch if you aren’t feeling particularly creative. None of this is set in stone, so you can always repeat the same steps to rename your FireStick again.

Why Would I Rename My FireStick?

Well, for starters, you could rename a FireStick if you have multiple Amazon devices or Multiple sticks in your home. If you have one FireStick in the bedroom, one in the living room, and one for portable use, you want to make sure you are interacting with the right one and not fumbling for it instead. Rather than trying to make sense out of the generic names, do your best to name them all ahead of time.

The list of ‘my devices’ can get pretty crowded if you and your family are the type of people to have a ton of devices to your name, so some organization is key here. Additionally, you could rename it to give you a sense of ownership over it.

After all, would you rather spend your time fiddling with the various options available, or would you like to connect to your device faster and then watch a movie? Most people would like to do the second option and get to watching and streaming their favorite content faster. So instead of hunting through the various options and trying to remember which generic name you’ve installed to what device, you can recognize where your device is and get streaming!

Changing FireStick Names can also help you differentiate between people as well. If you have two FireSticks in your home, with one being for the parents and one for the kids, you can name them ‘Kid’s FireStick’ and ‘Parent’s FireStick.’ That way, everyone knows which device has their selected entertainment on it.

Why Do We Name Things?

Renaming a FireStick isn’t that hard, but the often less asked question is, why do we name things? It’s a simple device and doesn’t have as much value as a human or a pet. Plus, if you only have one FireStick device, you know which one you want even without the flowery name. Well, part of the reason is actually about control.

Giving an anthropomorphic quality to an inanimate object is all about the control we feel we have over it. It’s a reminder that this machine or device works for us, and that it is there to serve us. After all, a FireStick is all about providing on-demand and cheap entertainment whenever we order it by pushing a button.

So it’s all about control and personalization. The phrase goes “If you name it, you control it, that’s science.” It’s also true for everything else too. So that’s why most people make names for accounts and businesses and things that serve them, even though there’s really no reason too. It’s very interesting to see why that is, and it’s something to think about while you pick out the name for your FireStick.

Adding Customization Isn’t Hard

Thankfully, even if you happen to be on your own and have one FireStick, you can still customize it. For no other reason than you can have something nicer to look at than the random names you can get assigned whenever you install the FireStick for the first time. It’s not that hard to go into your Amazon account and change the name, and you can repeat the process as often as you would like if you are unhappy with the name that you picked.

Plus, there’s no limit to how you might change the name of your Amazon FireStick in the future. You might get another one in a few years, get married and suddenly have to share your devices with family and kids, or move to a new location and use the Firestick in a different place. All you need to do is repeat the same directions and it will be renamed without too much hassle.

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Final Thoughts – Making Your FireStick Yours

Getting a FireStick can be very interesting, especially that moment whenever you install it for the first time and realize that a brand new world of entertainment has opened up for you. If you decide to rename your Firestick, then you can make it yours, and it might be even more fun to click the FireStick on and watch your favorite show.

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