How to Install BT TV App on FireStick

Last Updated on August 20, 2021

The following tutorial will show you How to install BT TV App on Firestick. The BT TV app also works with the Fire TV Cube, Fire TV (Gen 3, 2017), as well as the Fire TV Edition smart TVs and soundbars.

BT is one of the biggest telecommunication services in the United Kingdom, offering fixed-line and broadband connections, mobile, and DTV solutions. They also have BT TV, which is a proprietary IPTV service based on YouView’s hybrid television platform.

With BT TV, the company struck several long-term deals with major television networks and streaming services to create an all-in-one set-top box experience. The vast list includes Sky, UKTV, National Geographic, British Eurosport, Now TV, AMC, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, etc.

Now, not everyone’s a fan of set-top boxes, because they not only take too much space and look unpleasing in a modern home theatre setup but also offer less flexibility in terms of streaming content from other video-on-demand apps.

BT also offers a standalone BT TV app for Fire TV devices, which is basically a TV Everywhere service. Those who have a BT TV subscription can log in to the app with BT account credentials and enjoy streaming their favorite channels over an internet connection.

If you own a Firestick, then you should definitely check out this guide to install the BT TV app on the device. We will also discuss the features of the app, as well as show you the way to activate it on Firestick.

What does BT TV App on Firestick Offer?

The BT TV app on Firestick lets you stream not only live TV channels but also on-demand content included in your BT TV subscription. You can watch up to 50 channels on the BT TV app, including AMC, Discovery, Comedy Central, SYFY, Boomerang, Cartoon Network, HISTORY, MTV, TLC, Vice, Lifetime, CNN, Disney, E!, etc.

Sports channels have recently been added to the app as well, including every variant of BT Sport, BT Sport Extra, and Eurosport channels.

It’s worth mentioning that the BT TV app doesn’t give you access to Sky Cinema, Sky Sports, or Freeview channels, even if it is included in your regular BT TV subscription.

The BT TV app has the usual catalog of on-demand TV shows, movies, and documentaries sourced from partner television networks. Select sports programs are also available for streaming on-demand.

In case you have previously purchased additional content from the BT Store, you can watch it via the BT TV app on Firestick.

Features of BT TV

  • You can stream up to 50 TV channels and get access to BT TV’s vast library of on-demand content with the BT TV on Firestick.
  • Based on which BT TV plan you pay for, you can watch your favorite channels or movies and series on-demand in either SD or HD quality.
  • The BT TV app on Firestick has recently been updated with a new user interface, which makes content discovery and basic app navigation much more comfortable than before with the Firestick remote.
  • You can start watching your favorite on-demand shows on the Fire TV version of BT TV app from exactly where you stopped watching on your BT TV set-top box.
  • The BT TV app lets you access all the titles you have purchase or rented via your set-top box or the web version of BT TV.

How to Install BT TV App on FireStick

BT offers first-party support for Fire TV devices, which is why the BT TV app is also available to download in the Amazon Appstore. The following steps will guide you through the installation process of the BT TV on Firestick:

  • Move up and highlight the magnifying glass icon next to the navigation tabs of the Fire TV home screen.
  • In the following Search page, press and hold the Voice button on your Firestick remote or use the on-screen keyboard to find the “BT TV”
  • Go down and select the BT TV keyword in the search menu when it shows up.
  • Next, scroll over to Apps & Games on the next page, and click the BT TV app logo.

BT TV App on FireStick

  • Now click Get under the summarized app description on the Amazon Appstore page. The BT TV app will get installed in a span of a minute or so.

After the successful installation, return to the Fire TV home screen and scroll down to Your Apps & Channels row to find and launch the BT TV on Firestick.

In case the app doesn’t appear under the row, find and click the See All option instead. It will redirect you to the full-view list of installed apps. Scroll at the bottom of the list to open up the BT TV app.

Steps to Sign up for BT TV App Extra

Even if you have an active BT TV connection in your house, you won’t be able to log in to the BT TV app on Firestick without having the BT TV App Extra add-on included in your subscription plan.

With the BT TV App Extra, you can watch BT TV on two additional screens, not including your existing BT TV box.

The add-on adds an extra £5 fee to your monthly BT TV subscription, which is reasonable considering that most streaming services ask a lot more for only one extra screen.

You can either contact BT customer support helpline to get the BT TV App Extra add-on or visit to add it to your existing subscription. Note that you will have to log in to the website with your BT ID.

How to Activate BT TV on Firestick

Once the BT TV App Extra add-on is linked to your subscription plan, you can proceed to log in to the BT TV app for the activation process. Here’s how you can do it:

  • First, launch the BT TV on Firestick.
  • After that, click OK to dismiss the welcome message if necessary.
  • Now carefully enter your BT ID and password on the following login screen, then click the Log In button below.

That’s it! You have now activated the BT TV app on Firestick. You should see the main screen of the BT TV app, from where you can access the channels and on-demand streams included in your BT TV subscription.

The next time you launch the BT TV app, it won’t need you to log in with your BT account again. The app will remember your credentials and log you in automatically.

A Quick Look at BT TV App Interface on Fire TV Stick

From the top section of the BT TV app, you can switch across different menus, which are— Highlights, TV Channels, My TV, Entertainment, Sport, Film, Box Sets, and Kids.

You can access your personalized content library from the “My TV” section of the app. It consists of a handful of categories, which you can learn more about in detail:

  • Favorites: It lists all the programs you have marked as favorites, whether you have done it from the BT TV app on your BT TV set-top box.
  • Continue Watching: On-demand content that you haven’t finished watching shows up under this category. Programs that you have watched most recently will appear under the category first. When you choose to play an on-demand program, it will continue streaming from where you left off previously.
  • Recorded Programmes: TV shows or additional content that you have assigned to record from your BT TV box will be displayed in this category. However, the recordings can be accessed only from the set-top box.
  • Scheduled Recordings: Programs that you have scheduled for recording from the BT TV app or your TV box will appear under the Scheduled Recordings category.
  • My Purchases: If you have purchased premium content from your BT TV box or the BT web player, you can access it from this category.
  • Rentals: Similar to the previous category, every piece of content that you have rented from the BT TV box or BT web player should appear in the Rentals category. Once you rent a title, you will have to finish watching it within 48 hours.

When playing back on-demand content in the BT TV app, press the down-directional button on your Firestick remote to toggle the playback overlay.

From the overlay, you can check the progress bar and the name of the currently played program. You can press the same button twice to see other episodes of a TV series as well. Pressing the Options button on your Firestick remote will bring up the synopsis of the program.

From the TV Channels section, you can access all the channels included in your BT TV subscription, with the name of the program currently broadcasted live on every channel.

The channels are sorted in different genres, making it easier to find the channel you are looking for. In case you see a ticket icon on the top-right corner of a channel tile, then it isn’t included in your existing BT TV subscription.

When streaming a channel live, you can press the Options button to view the synopsis for the broadcasted content. To quickly switch between channels, press the down-directional button twice to toggle the mini channel browser.

Click the magnifying glass icon on the right side of the top bar to search for your favorite TV channels, shows, and sports content without scrolling through the curated lists in the BT TV app.

Wrapping Up

That’s all we can tell you about the BT TV app on Firestick. Assuming that you have added the BT TV App Extra to your BT TV subscription, it is straightforward to log in to the BT TV app and much more intuitive for streaming channels and on-demand content.

When you want to watch something else, you can simply close the BT TV on Firestick and launch another streaming service. It eases you from the hassle of switching between two devices for content consumption.