How to Watch BET on FireStick

Last Updated on August 9, 2020

In this post, we will tell you about the steps which need to be followed in order to Watch BET on FireStick. All the BET apps and streaming services listed in this guide can be installed on the Fire TV Cube, Fire TV Box (Gen 3), and Fire TV Edition Smart TVs/Soundbars.

BET is a popular pay-TV channel in the United States, which is owned by the ViacomCBS network. It’s famous for its shows and made-for-TV films targeted towards the African American television viewers.

Similar to ViacomCBS’s other channels, including CBS, Comedy Central, The CW, Showtime, Nickelodeon, and Paramount Network, BET is also offered as a TV Everywhere service in the US. BET’s vast library of content is also available in its subscription-based streaming service, BET+.

Whether you have a cable subscription or not, the Amazon Firestick is an excellent starter for both subscription-based and TV Everywhere services. If you are planning to watch the BET channel on Firestick, then this guide will show you how to do it with detailed instructions.

Watch BET on Firestick with BET NOW & BET+

There are two different apps that offer BET’s original content on-demand on Firestick. One of them is called BET NOW (renamed to BET), which is the TV Everywhere variant. In case you didn’t know, TV Everywhere apps require users to sign in with their cable provider.

On the other hand, the BET+ app offers 1000+ hours of your favorite American African content from the channel, including Preacher Lawson: Get to Know Me, House of Payne, Bigger, Meet the Browns, Tyler Perry’s The Oval, American Soul, Real Husbands of Hollywood, Martin, First Wives Club, Ruthless, Dark Money, Carl Weber’s Influence, American Gangster, College Hill, and dozens more.

Although you can stream full episodes of the same shows via the BET app, BET+ gives you commercial-free access to the content for only $9.99/month. You won’t be required to pay for a cable subscription.

The only difference between the BET and BET+ app is the availability of the live BET channel. The one providing the TV Everywhere service offers the channel, whereas BET+ only gets you the on-demand content library.

Both of the apps support closed captions, as well as seamless playback from exactly where you leave a movie or show on pause.

Features of the BET & BET+ App on Firestick

  • A vast library of BET’s original shows is available in the BET and BET+ apps on-demand.
  • Once you log in with the TV provider, you can watch the live BET channel on the BET app in real-time.
  • The BET+ app is a subscription-based streaming service. Unlike the regular BET app, you won’t need to pay for your cable or satellite connection.
  • BET+ has additional movies and original shows that you won’t find on the TV channel.
  • You can toggle on closed captioning on both of the BET apps on Firestick.

How to Install BET & BET+ App on Fire TV Stick?

The BET and BET+ app can be found officially in the Amazon Appstore for Fire TV devices. You can install the apps on your Firestick by following the steps below.

  • First, get to the Search menu by highlighting the hand lens icon on the upper left-hand corner of the Fire TV home screen.
  • Now, search for either “BET” in the search menu. You can use the on-screen keyboard or the voice search option.
  • Select the BET keyword from the suggestions below the search menu.
  • On the results screen, select and click either the BET or BET+ app logo under the Apps & Games row, depending on which one you want to install.

BET+ App on Fire TV Stick

  • Click Get on the BET or BET+ Appstore page to install the app on your Firestick.

Once you have BET or BET+ installed, you can launch the apps from Your Apps & Channels row of the Fire TV home screen. Click See All if the apps don’t show up in the row. At the bottom of the expanded list, you should find the BET apps.

Guide to Activate the BET & BET+ App on Firestick

You can activate the BET app easily by going through the following steps:

  • First, launch the BET app on Firestick.
  • Now click the gear icon above the Home screen to open the Settings menu.
  • From Settings, highlight and click the Sign In with TV Provider A code will show up on the screen, which you will need for the sign-in process.
  • Go to on a different device, enter the activation code, and click Continue.

Activate the BET & BET+ App

  • Now select your TV provider from the following list. Once selected, you will be redirected to the provider login page.
  • Finally, enter your TV provider credentials and sign in.

The activation screen on the BET app should disappear once you sign in successfully. You can now enjoy BET’s TV Everywhere services.

If you have chosen to install the BET+ app instead, then here’s how to activate it on Firestick:

  • First, visit plus/create-account from a new browser tab.
  • Enter your email address and password, then click Agree and Continue.

create BET+ account

  • Enter your credit card details and click Subscribe. You will be charged $9.99 every month after the 7-day trial period expires.
  • Now launch the BET+ app on your Firestick and repeat the same steps as the regular BET app for activation. This time around, you will have to enter your BET+ account credentials instead of the TV provider details.

That’s it! Once you activate BET+ on Firestick, you can enjoy streaming the latest episodes of your favorite BET shows on-demand from the app.

A Quick Tour to Use BET & BET+ App

The BET and BET+ apps share the same user interface even though the sign-in process is different. There are four different sections in the regular BET app, including Home, Live, Search, and Settings. The same goes for the BET+ app, minus the Live section.

From Home, you can browse through featured and trending shows on the app. It also gives you access to the “Continue Watching” tab. From the All Shows menu below the Featured category, you can see a complete list of all the BET shows, made-for-TV films, and originals. On the regular BET app, you can access the 24/7 linear BET channel from the Live section.

On both of the BET apps, you can search for your favorite BET shows from the Search (magnifying glass) section. Clicking the CC logo in the stream player will toggle on/off closed captions.

Watch BET on Firestick with Amazon Prime Video

The BET+ service is also available as a channel on Amazon’s Prime Video streaming service. While you can’t log in to the BET+ app on Firestick with your BET+ subscription on Prime Video, it makes it easier to find and stream your favorite BET shows on-demand from a single platform.

You can sign up for the channel from the BET+ Prime Video website, and it will cost you an extra $9.99 every month over your $12.99 monthly Prime Video subscription. It’s worth mentioning that you don’t get access to the live BET channel.

Watch BET on Firestick for free with YouTube

The only way to watch BET on Firestick for free is via the BETNetworks channel on YouTube. Although you don’t get access to full episodes of your favorite shows, you can watch five to ten minutes’ worth of clips on the YouTube channel without spending ten bucks for a BET+ subscription.

watch bet on firestick

However, a few original BET documentaries are available to watch for free. To catch up on the latest clips, be sure to subscribe to the BETNetworks channel on the YouTube app on Firestick.

Watch BET Channel Live on Firestick

If you want to watch the BET channel live, you can grab a monthly subscription plan from one of the few live TV streaming services available on Firestick. Although channels from the BET Network are available on YouTube TV and fuboTV, you will have to pay $60+ every month for the subscription. Here are the most affordable options:

Watch BET on Firestick with Philo

Philo is the cheapest live TV solution in the United States. For only $20/month, you get 61 American channels, and the lineup includes the BET and BET Her network.

The on-demand library of Philo also consists of shows from the BET network, which many of you will appreciate. You can also schedule DVR recording for your favorite shows on BET, and Philo offers unlimited recording time for up to a month.

Watch BET on Firestick with Sling

Another OTT live TV channel provider with affordable monthly plans is none other than Sling. With the $30 monthly Sling Blue plan, you get not only the BET channel but also 40+ additional entertainment, news, and sports channels to watch.

Plus, you get ten hours of cloud DVR storage and stream BET on up to three devices at the same time, only with the Sling Blue subscription plan.


Finishing Up

If you are a cord-cutter, then the BET+ subscription is your best bet, pun intended. Also, you can watch the BET channel live on Philo and Sling, as well as log in to the regular BET app on Firestick with either of the live TV providers.